Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cirelle, Out of the Blue!

Like a gift from heaven, Halfland now has a regular Friday art partner in studio! Remember Cirelle? She emailed that she couldn't wait to come help at Halfland again! What luck for me. She came last Friday and finished the second windowbox--beautifully I might add. And is planning to come next Friday as well, to help plant a herb cachepot for the kitchen sill and start on the lovely window treatments for the cottage.

She's excited to come here and make valuable contribution to the project, satisfy her need to be creative with her hands, learn a bit about stop motion (she's worked for years at an animation studio and studied art in college), and see if some of her stories might not like to be made into films too.

I'm not interrogating her, upper left, we talked so much it got dark and there's currently woefully poor lighting in the shop.

What's fun is that Cirelle has a natural gift for designing with plants, something I didn't *know* when asking her for those specific tasks. She could be the perfect person to help me plant the whole set landscape. That would be like a miracle. She's inventive as well. I told her the second box was for the kitchen window and she suggested Rana might be growing herbs there--what a great idea! After a while the idea for growing strawberries there too came up (see post after next for the fab results!)

Line Producer Kitty, made sure Cirelle's work was up to snuff. HA! And it certainly was!

Thank you, Cirelle! Really looking forward to this Friday!


  1. Halfland will surely prosper with Cirelle's and Kitty's help! I want flower boxes just like that for my doll house, will your helpers travel?
    kiss kiss

  2. Thank you, Ulla! Cirelle said while making these, "Maybe I could do these for doll houses"! So, I should hook you two up for sure! She'd faint from pleasure at your Castle in the Air shop. One never knows... xoxoxo


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