Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Girl Fridays Up Next... Cottage Curtains

Sketch for cafe curtains in the kitchen window. 

The next Girl Fridays task, when Cirelle comes over, will be to start on the window treatments. I have purchased perfect woven fabrics for both windows in the cottage. A sheer, pink, Swiss dot pattern for the under layer. And coarse, rustic, pomegranate-colored silk linen for the drapery layer over that to be pulled tight at night against the cold.

While I was shooting the spinning wheel, I noticed in the corner of the shot, a most intriguing shadow of one of the tree's acorns silhouetted against the fabric. It gripped me with ideas for scene reveals and poetic meditations for the film. Hmmmmmm.

Looking forward to Cirelle's fine help come Friday. Got the sewing machine ready!

An accident inspiring me to use the curtain fabric as scene reveals.


  1. For the sheer beauty of your sketches and photographs it is worth to follow your blog! – Your sketches have a lovely and truly unique stlye.

    My favourite here is the one below...

  2. Thank you so much, Jessica! That's terribly nice of you to say!

    And if you like the feeling the photo of the fabric with the shadow of the acorn has, I think you'll really enjoy the film.

    I intend a lot of this kind of textural-theatrical-expressive-visual throughout.

  3. Sounds great to me! I'm really looking forward to see your films!

    Textures add so much depth to almost everything. – It's a bit like traces of life itself found on every piece... Without textures it often look clean and almost dead...

    By the way, I am a terribly nice person! :D

  4. Indeed you are!

    I think you're quite right, Jessica. I never realized it but texture does bring a lot of substance and "life" to things. Now I feel smart for making Halfland all about TEXTURE texture texture!

  5. It is friday. I guess Cirelle is there now and you are working together. I am sooo happy to hear that she wil coming on fridays to help you. How is it going today? Have fun girls!

  6. Hi Yazzle Dazzle! YES! So much fun and good progress! I'll show when done.

    It's so amazing! I get structured time that forces desired progress on Halfland! And Cirelle gets creative empowerment to know she too can make her own art, whatever kind it is!

    I love that she could see by coming here that one doesn't have to know what they are doing in order to do it!

    I'm completely serious about that.

    That's not a small idea.

    Part of what she told me today that seeing me create in Halfland without any permission or anyone telling me it's worthwhile, or valuable, gives her greater courage to do the same for herself.

    When someone is convinced that their art isn't practical or useful to anyone they may tuck it all away for years, and then see a fool like me not care what any people think?

    Well, that can open some eyes! Hooray!

  7. Shelley its great to hear that Cirelle was inspired to do her art by working with you on Halfland. I know what this means to you. And I know how much you inspire me to work on my film. Thanks for being there!!!

    "I love that she could see by coming here that one doesn't have to know what they are doing in order to do it!"

    Yep! This is definetely not a small idea. When something is coming from the heart there is no need to name it consciously. It is there because it has to be there...


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