Wednesday, March 23, 2011

And the Guests Keep on Arriving

These are further bug party invitees that are works in progress I wanted you to see... Look for the finished versions in the film!
This absolutely cracks me up. The puppet is an earthworm being built being carried along--sort of (Ha!) by a balloon! You see I was trying to create a way of making the hollow-looking part of a dandelion for the film and I was experimenting with methods and materials (finally sorted the solution out today! A: plaster globe mold and hot glue over the inner seedhead) to make transparent globe shapes when I put one down next to the puppet in progress. (A connect-->the-->dots moment!) I laughed out loud at the sight of him!

The next day I set about making several brightly colored pink and orange balloon for him to use at the party! Took forfrickingever to figure out a way to make them. Finally today figured out how! A: Ice Resin-ed colored tissue paper wrapped over clear acrylic marbles on wire!) I've since finished this puppet off too. His organza wrapped body now has metallic thread stripes tightly over-skinned with fine metal mesh. And the iron wire rusted from the wet matte medium, looks so natural and great!

This pupp is being built upon a [shudder] store-bought decorative dragon fly (who used to look like this) I gave him hand-painted eyes and a gash mouth that makes him look grumpy--all the bugs at the party are. And when I added bits of wire to extend his leg length, the position he put himself in looked to me like he was a very old and weary military general from the bug wars! So, I've decided to tie colored balloons around his middle too and to put a wooden sword in in right front leg! Charge! His big golden crown is made from a myrtle pod.

I made so many extra small cabbage moths while making the halo crown that I've adopted a few to finish for this party scene. Here you see how I'm using either matte medium or thick white glue applied with a toothpick tip to slowly build up the wire armatures with the shapes and attitudes I want. They will be finished with paints and fiber textures. The guy on the right will have a funny large proboscis. While the fellow on the left with the currently bright rice paper wings will wear purple pollen pants after his belly gets big (read funny) enough.

There will be a few other moths to come along with their tango partner (!) caterpillars. And I mustn't forget to mention also the first, a plaid sweater wearing millipede named Herman!

Project Rule #3: There's never a good enough reason to feel bad about anything. Enjoy every part.

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  1. "There's never a good enough reason to feel bad about anything. Enjoy every part. " nice one!!

    Reading these posts about the bugs and party makes me smile. All those little creatures with a certain character for each. Looks like a real party time.

    I got to try matte medium you sent over a piece of wire by the way. Legs looks so good.


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