Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Day Has Dawned

Here's the latest plan of action...

It's been great to actually set a date for beginning filming. It's been a concrete external push that's ramped up the progress significantly. I did see the dawn yesterday morning as I toiled away many hours building the cottage windows to finally get them finished and installed, for example.

My initial thought was to hurry up and finish the set, build two of the main puppets during February and begin shooting a small scene inside the cottage on March 1. I kept humping toward that as quickly as I could but didn't want to break the required tasks down onto a schedule toward that end. Instead wanting to follow its natural flow. But even if I had made a daily plan, I could not have kept to a schedule due to weird health challenges. Nothing serious, just had to watch as my treasure of time to work on the project drizzled away like incontinent urine into a towel. Just saying. You might say I pissed the time away.

Between that, ballet, home life, and design projects that I only obsess about instead of actually get to, I might be the most stressed out yet least productive person on earth.

Plan B was to finish the nearly made Time Frog puppet and top off the pond set, oh-so-nearly done, and shoot a little underwater frog action. Neat idea, because that scene would only need the lights I have on hand and would be a nice way of getting my feet wet. Hardy har har.

But the windows became a real saga of I'm nutz, post coming next.

The Plan Now: Breathe/relax/enjoy each moment of this project. Visit Darkstrider's blog archive for the notes on what lights and analog camera cable to get again. Install those amazing windows, finish that beautiful frog, start shooting. Woefully unprepared--but why not? Just to get going. That first scene can always be re-shot.

For those that have been anticipating, sending good thoughts and notes of kind support, for Halfland's start date for shooting, I thank you and hope to share what's in store very soon...


  1. This is great news! Can't wait to see the first shot.

  2. D'awwww, thanks, Yooje!

    If you've got any free time (which I doubt you'd have), I sure would welcome your experienced input on lighting over here!

  3. Filming?! WOOT!!! Congrats Shelley! Good luck beginning the next phase of your journey :D

  4. H00t! fanx, Jeff!

    Got some Uberhero socks coming for Roman with the dvd too. I swar! Nearly done.

  5. oh, gosh, shelley. this is going to be so exciting!

  6. "Between that, ballet, home life, and design projects that I only obsess about instead of actually get to, I might be the most stressed out yet least productive person on earth."

    Hahaha, replace 'ballet' with 'work' and you have me! I'm glad you have figured it out though, and now you can glide along instead of humping along. ❤

  7. HI Jessica!! I was going to add/edit the next day to say that my stress is in no way necessary, not like people in the world operating under objectively horrible stresses.

    My stress is real to me and affecting my body. But in terms of actual causes to be stressed.... I realize I don't have any.

    I'm trying to learn not to do it.

  8. Weeeee Hoooo, Rich! Thanks!

  9. Shelley, both is awesome: starting to film on the one hand, but also deciding that some things need some more time on the other.
    I'm so much looking forward to see the world of Halfland moving, and I send you all my support and lots of creative energy!

  10. Thanks soooo much, Jessica Love!!!

    Really nice having you out there to inspire, egg me on, and cheer!


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