Sunday, March 06, 2011

Halfland Character Collection Book Giveaway

 Took a couple hours and put together a 20 page soft cover collection of all Halfland character sketches and development to date, to have their development documented all in one place as things progress.

UPDATE: OK--HALFSTERS! It's the Ides of March and still no actual urls?! wha? You have until midnight tonight....Ok, perhaps the contest involved a question that didn't beg to be answered? No problem. I'll go ahead and leave the post open and if people/persons ever do answer the question in the comments (not even a video required now) I'll choose a winner to get a copy of the book as their 1/2-gift.  (The book is also available for order (at actual cost of printing) from the link below for $12.79 until March 23 in case you must have it.)

Giving away a copy (!*) to the reader who can express what YOU might like most about living in Halfland in a very brief yet sincere (and ideally) entertaining video posted to YouTube by March 15, 2011. May use any form of artistic expression, animation, live action, painting, song, poetry, etc. Post the video's url in the comments here for all to see. Winner will be notified via an update to this post. (*I totally just spontaneously made this giveaway idea up as I was typing.) YAY!

(Feel free to use any imagery from the book or this blog in your entry! Don't take much time away from your own projects--can really just be a sentence or two. Good luck! xoxo)


  1. Shelley, this is a lovely idea! I'm looking forward to see what people will "throw in".

    I like your approach of bringing creative folks of all kind together. It's the same with your underwater party - and it's so important to do so!

  2. Oh, and I forget:
    the book is beautiful! I keep browsing through its pages, and it carries the atmosphere of Halfland perfectly.
    Will you do a complete documentation afterwards as well? I remember the idea of a storybook, is this right? I was thinking of a book documentation for the Orpheus film project as well... It would be nice to have it all together...

  3. Thanks, Jessica! Good luck with your first Studio Monday in Germany!

    YES! I hope there will be books galore later. Nice quality, more thought through and curated. This one is really just a rough collection on the spot because it was so easy and inexpensive to make. This way I'll have little booklets of the work in progress as hardcopy. Which is nice because so much of the 1/2L documentation is currently only online.

    Also, yes! definitely planning Halfland illustrated story books as well. The bug Cafe will likely be first... :) Later on though. Got to get filming well underway first.

  4. The book looks amazing!! I bought myself a copy... and I added the extra image you had loaded onto the last (blank) page, though it looks like they added a 41¢ charge on for that. Strange though... they kept showing me warnings that certain pages have "images that won't print well, spelling errors or text that won't show up". They didn't seem to be able to elaborate any better than that. I guess when it comes in I'll see what they meant.

    And now you've got me wanting to make a book myself.

    ... You're just so INSPIRING!!!

  5. Mikeee, you dear! I'm so happy you wanted one! The last image should be one the back cover, so we'll see what they make of the order for an extra page, not sure what you'll get.

    The printing error warnings may be because of low resolution in a couple images. I scrambled through all the archives here super quickly trying to grab all the characters I could think of. It's a fast compilation but still----HIGHLY COLLECTIBLE! HA!

    The spelling error alerts are likely the wild character names. It's a pretty crude book layout software they use. But it is so bloody fast and cheap. NOTE: they can access your FLICKR stream for the uploads. Can you imagine?! You just grab the images you want in your book and GOGOGO!

    I haven't tried yet but they look a bit more coffee table quality/style, when you want that. I've used in the past and it's nice to have a magazine-like soft cover of each project, or even for aspects of each project, to show people and to give as gifts.

    Viovio actually prints magazines for you at great low prices too--one at a time--no overhead. You can even sell them [hint hint for yours!] at a modest profit through their site. Darkstrider Technique Magazine....hmmmmm....

    And books, YES!!!! loads of DS books!!!!

  6. No way! Seriously, Bitterbetty!? I hadn't heard any response and thought I'd chosen the wrong question for the contest! We'll see!

    xoxoxoxo, Your fan

  7. Anonymous8:50 PM

    The art for this thing looks wonderful. You're writing books now too? I could use your expertise when it comes to marketing my film. If you wanted to charge or do some sort of trade-off, either way. It would be valuable to me.

  8. Hi Don, I do indeed plan to write books, on Halfland and on other stories and to self-publish. Not with Shutterfly though. Shutterfly is good just for a quickie record, easy, no big time spent, as I go along kind of deal.

    Just got my copy of the above book yesterday and the printing looks great.

    You are doing great on your project. I'd be happy to talk to you about marketing it when you've got it all ready to go. There is seriously no limit to what can be done today.


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