Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Catching You Up: On the Head of a Pin

I want to start posting some of the action that's been happening in Halfland. So much has been built now, but I had been waiting to post until the big items were all done to show the big payoff, with pictures of the start, the process shots, and then the result. But because it takes so long to complete things all the way, posts get rare.

Here's a quickie just to share things as the big things roll along toward getting finished.
The Bug Party set is complete done finished, both the daytime and nighttime versions. All the little plaid covered mushrooms are set as the insect cafe in the same spot that the party will happen when it gets dark. Three of these mushrooms have the smallest-scale-in-Halfland doors, fitted with heads of pin doorknobs. One even has a twig mullion window that glows invitingly to those passing by.
Please stay tuned for more to come...


  1. Shelley, do you use the ballon LED to lit the mushrooms inside? I just made the experience that their batteries empty quickly, which results in fading lights during longer parts of animation. Be prepared to have several fresh batteries at hand!

  2. Amazing work Shelley!!!

  3. Thanks, Jessica! Might be using LED balloon light to illuminate the little mushroom house just for still shot illustrations or if for animation fading will be ok for this little touch. Annnd, I will have extra batts on hand ;-)

    Thanks, Jeff!


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