Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Not Far from the Tree

 I make every guest plant springs of crepe paper grass before they sign the Guest Artist board nowadays. HEE heh heh.

Sunday saw two new lovely people visit for their first time, Lesley, from New Mexico, in town conducting research for her latest book at local university libraries, and her grown ass son, Chris, the crazily nice hip science dude with the golden heart who lives nearby with his pretty wife. (no, seriously, they are MIT grads.)

I didn't expect them to be so incredibly enthusiastic about what they saw in Halfland. I mean, it's just a handmade folk forest, but they both went wild! They loved all that they saw and I was especially chuffed that Chris, a researcher who's already contributed to his field with breakthrough ecology studies of tree structures, expressed his affection for the Answer Tree. He seemed genuinely taken with it which I take to be a fully expert endorsement!

Lesley's other charming nestling is a daughter who I've heard lives for puppets, folktales, stop motion, animation, filmmaking, directing, goats (I'm not making this up, am I?), weaving, wool, yarns, mermaids, bugs, etc. Basically everything I showed them here they countered with, "ugh, Mari would LOVE this!" Perhaps, one day I'll meet this sister....

It was so enjoyable and valuable having Lesley and Chris over. The way they both took in what I was showing and telling made me make connections I hadn't before. And I realized, as I could have gone on, pulling more and more out to share with them, that there is now far more complete done finished than I knew.

Please stay tuned....

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