Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sneaking Up On It

Been peeping around the set with my Lytro. Looking for good square compositions and discovering what amount of light is needed to get clarity on multiple planes within them.
This one worked fabulously! Giving several planes of focus, click around on it to see!: porch railing outside cottage, chairitable just inside window, floral arrangement and/or cheese & peas on table, easy chair back in foreground, pin cushion resting on the arm of the chair.
These are "flattie" (non-Lytro) samples of better compositions that I'll use as guides later to capture with better lighting set up to get better interactive shifts in Lytro.


  1. That's a really cool little camera! I had never heard of it before.
    I love the colours in that first photo with the teapot, so balanced, just gorgeous!

  2. Thank you, Josje! Did you notice that the focus can shift?

    I wonder if it would work with your incredible miniature rooms?

  3. Yes I did, really fun to play with. I also looked at the Lytro website and the photos they have posted on there, but I must say there was only one photo where I thought the focus feature was used really well.
    Your photo is wonderful. Like I said, I love those colours, but also you have found the perfect composition to exploit that shifting focus. I expect it can be a helpful tool in preparing a film shot?
    Oh yes, I think it would work quite well with the miniature rooms. Unfortunately this is a rather expensive little gadget for me to buy. They don't ship to the Netherlands anyway and maybe that's a good thing ;-)

  4. Quite right, Josje on all points I think.

    Depending on how useful the Lytro may be as I get down to blocking shots (or not useful) may mean I'd be happy to send it on a patrol of joy, like Mike Brent did when he sent me his first web camera to learn with several years back.

    You'd be the first stop in the parade to play with it.


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