Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Beside Her

Noticed the shadow on my work surface was a little, um, spooky? (upper left)
It's amazing to me how much these critters become more life-like after simple bends are made in the legs with small pliers. (upper right)
And The finished little crystal spider on her web on the cottage front porch.


  1. This is also a great example of the importance of well-chosen lighting!

    1. HI! How do you mean, because of the shadow possibilities?

    2. Absolutely!
      As I see it Halfland is all about the subtle atmosphere, metaphors and the in-betweens. I found the shadows in the first image rather fascinating because it could be from different things: a weird flower, a huge insect, some weird dressing from a special character… 

    3. Exactly! YES! All the detail obscured with dim lighting and blurry effects! Mwahhaha. It makes it all look so much more magically real! Thanks, Jessica!


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