Friday, October 04, 2013

Time Stands Still

Here's the final Story Board for the Pond Sequence. I'm using my Lytro to snap camera angle ideas and then sketch them up with sound effects, action, shot set ups, camera directions, and the approx duration of each set up. It's always going to be a rough idea that will likely shift during filming. I estimate the sequence above to run about 48 seconds when finally edited [1,152 frames total].
I often will map out various sequences for the Very Short Films that will comprise the Halfland series. I use big poster boards and my hand written 1/2 pages of scenes I want to include the film. I draw horrible little sketches to start the camera angle thinking, and I use different colored pencils to indicate sound, transitions, characters featured, etc. I keep them modular by using tape so that I can re-arrange what happens when in what order.
The last time Christine! was over she skillfully walked through the pond sequence with me quick sketching what I was describing. Her questions were so keen that I was able to get the wheels in my head cranking enough to sort out what had to happen and how to possibly shoot it.
She set the template for how I can approach each sequence in the whole film.

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