Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Let's Give Her a Hand

Here comes Rana's hands. With the addition of some schnazzy new finger tips, they are now a better scale and more articulate.
You know, trying to make these puppets correctly was really holding me back! And back. And back. And back. So, forget that. I'm doing it 100% wrongly and couldn't care less.

Took some Almaloy and made single wire crude fingers, secured them with 30 gauge wire, painted that with Aleene's Fray Stop which is like an elastic jelly, and then wrapped all of that up with white elastic cording thread.

I slit open the stubby fingers on the paper casts of her arms and added these new finger tips and trimmed them to length. Topped the tips and "bones" with air dry clay and began to fill in the joints and build up the flesh with more Fray Stop.

After the inner sides of both hands are built up, I can paper mache over the whole thing and unify it into a single form.

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