Friday, June 12, 2015

Finish the Tail: Urhu's Scales Take On Color

After painting the black sequined fabric covered tail with Nova's Sun Gold, I slowly added layers of pattern and color in greens, yellows, and oranges. These were painted on in geometric shapes strongly at first (lower left), and then knocked down with a top layer of more gold (lower right).

I wanted the tail to be as beautiful as a serpent sage musician's living in the desert tail should be.

What won't be seen are the construction details above; Urhu has an open-able mouth complete with pose-able tongue, but will likely only appear with his mouth closed as much as possible. On the right, you can seen the rigging for how the wire plants will emerge from beneath his turban. Made from a saved piece of plastic packaging and segments of vinyl tubes. This head hump provided structure for the wrapped fabric turban while ensuring there'll be three open passages for guaranteed Thought growing. After additional bundles of wire were tied onto the bottom edge of the puppet's head, the entire fixture was secured with wire strands. And lastly, lower left, his twisting golden vertebra will indeed always be hidden beneath his robes.

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