Thursday, June 04, 2015

Take a Seat! The Chairs of Halfland

The fabulous film critic Tony Zhou of Every Frame a Painting (how's that for a Perfect Perfect Perfect name?!) had a wonderful essay last week on the importance of chairs, yes, chairs, in filmic storytelling. It's another example of Tony's thoughtful attention to important details of film today that I found inspiring.

When considering how I did in the chair department with Halfland, I have to say, pretty good! Here's a round-up of my choices: As always, thanks for watching.
Rana's damask, friendly easy chair in the cottage is a wine warm softie place to sit by the warmth of the fire and sew a bit. Is it alive? Or just almost alive?

For cottage guests, there is always the charitable chair table, half chair and half table. A real crowd pleaser.

On the porch, a wisteria vine has grown into a comfy spot on which to weave during the summer moments of Rana's days. Half living vine, half furniture, check and check.

The Writing Mouse, Quire's, smaller house has a couple of seats as well; one in which to contemplate the day's events by his tiny fire, the other to work at writing down his wisdoms gleaned from the roots living around him.


  1. Shelley I just knew if I came visiting I would find enchantment here! How wonderful to do a post just on chairs. One can find inspiration even in the most humble of things...
    hugs to you!

    1. Thanks so much, Ulla! How the heck are you?!

    2. Ulla! I'm trying to comment on your blog post today but can't sign in/up with Typepad. Lve what you wrote. Will try to email you that.


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