Saturday, June 13, 2015

Rendering Flowering Thoughts

Studied various plant types/structures for this important element in the film series. The thoughts needed to feel slightly Eastern, appear to work as a slim, vine-like plant to fit in the turban's tube rigging, and feel "potent", full of substance, as worthwhile thoughts should feel.

32 gauge steel wire was wrapped around glass beads to form the structures, each leaf a paper/glue and wire sandwich before being cut down to shape and attached. All wrapped with handmade paper, tufts of silk, cotton, and linen threads added to each pod, wire-filled crepe paper petaled flowers, one bloom for each cluster of burgeoning potential thoughts, were affixed tightly to enable some animated motion of opening once grown into place on Urhu' head. They will be detailed with color slightly and then finished in matte medium to keep the edges crisp while in use.
 How the rigging structure works under the turban.
Testing the turban with in-progress flowers.

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