Saturday, April 02, 2016

Deep Sea Diving

(I'll have you notice that our cat is right behind Jeffrey Roché's black "Octopussy" puppet in the foreground.)
CATFISH!!! heh, Our youngest is pretty good. All our cats seem to respect the building that goes on around here all the time. What you see in back of her is a false backdrop I put at the back of the set box. I opened up the top of the back of the box for light and installed a clear plastic scrim across it as tightly as possible, edge to edge. the bottom edge was buried and finished with sand to blend in.

Behind it, the true furthest back drop is painted black at the center, graduating out to blue. I'm hoping it will make the set expand in depth and read as "far". You can see that it does, lower right below. That's a flat rock behind the scrim to help sell the illusion.
Miss A jumped down INSIDE the deep space area and stared back at me the same way I was staring at her. And I'm afraid to report she developed a bit of an obsession with one of Kit Munro's "See Weed" puppet before I tied it down! She didn't hurt it. She just loved how the fuzzy yarn tickled her whiskers.

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