Sunday, April 03, 2016

Meet Monty

All the recent sea set building made me want to make some fishes myself. Meet Monty, the blownfish balloon. He'll be carried along in front of the big rock by a friend with an equally haunted expression.
The original dried blowfish bought at Kit Kraft a few years back was recently given a coat of white paint to neutralize his olive grey then an orange wash, and brighter bubblegum pinks. His original fins and tail were taken off and replaced with more lively shapes cut from rippled transparent plastic cups, tinted with florescent pink marker ink. A friendlier mouth and cheeks were added with matte medium, glue and cotton. Eyes were kept fish cold with layers of beads and jewelry findings.

The balloon effect was completed with more painted cotton attached to the top of a painted thread wrapped wire inserted at his belly button, if fish had those.
I considered giving him eyelids for a sweeter expression but opted to keep his eyes fish style. I'm getting to like his particular half-cheerful/half-ugly result. It's a complicated relationship.


  1. Replies
    1. Holy cow! Hi Nick! I never got any notice there'd been a comment. Thanks so much. He's very fondle of you, although he's likely to be an unintentionally prickly guy.


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