Wednesday, April 13, 2016

When Your Answer Appears

When your Answer appears on Halfland's Answer Tree, you feel the tender sweep of soft green leaves awake you from your deep sleep. You realize that you lay in perfect comfort on the grass covered ground near the trunk of the Answer Tree and that the tips of its branches have caressed your forehead to awaken you.

You open your eyes in mellow sunlight, feel warm breezes blowing, hear birdsong and insect wing abuzz. It's almost as if you can hear the Wind's voice in the branches above you saying that your answer is ready and waiting for you. You scan the canopy from where you lay, wondering what the Answer Tree will tell you.

Then you see it. The glint of sunlight shimmering among hundreds of other leaves. One gilded leaf has unfolded itself and grown amid the rest. All the wisdom of all the world has been brought to bear upon the question you most longed to satisfy. And now, what you've waited for so eagerly, so longingly that you finally fell into sleep, has, at last, been realized.

All you must do to know is to reach up... and grasp it.

Dear readers, the above story happened to me today. Well, nearly. I sleep under a large tree each night. It's one of several large potted plants and trees in containers that we keep inside our home. This morning, I was gently awoken by its tender, soft, new green leaves brushing across my face. And even still asleep, I knew what had happened. I knew that I was given the feeling that the tree was tenderly waking me, as if it were my care taker.

In that instant I knew that this touch was the way in which Halfland's inhabitants were alerted that their Answer had appeared on the Answer Tree above them.

Several weeks ago, I painted a large fallen leaf with shades of gold. It gave me the idea that the answers on the Answer Tree would turn golden when an answer had emerged. That seemed so RIGHT. And now with what transpired and inspired today, it all came together in a wonderful FLASH! I added a bit of transitional "golding" to scale Answer Tree leaves for steps in the sequence as well.

PS: I still have the original questions that some of you wrote to the Answer Tree and they will be among the first to become real.

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