Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Thank You, Dear Great Grandmother, Tiny!

Great Grandmother's original dust jacket. (Didn't order this copy with the cover ($42) as I grabbed the first copy I saw ($20) in case it was the only.) Planning however to get a color print of this nice photo of the cover and frame it for inspiration.) Only problem with it is that the inset of the inscribed name and date obscure the rest of the cover text and I can't uncover who, if anyone other than herself, wrote the book's foreword.

My copy came in the mail today and it was a pretty surreal experience. I mean, here we are, exactly 80 YEARS (!), EIGHTY YEARS since my namesake matron published her book on motion picture shooting scripts right as I'm in need of this exact information. C'mon. This is insane.

Not for nothing, the times we live in are utterly remarkable as well. I'm holding in my hands my ggma's book two days after hearing about it for the first time. Something I would never have known even existed in the first place without the web working wonders.

I feel this book will be all the information I'll need to make Halfland the way I'd want. And somehow, that's perfect.

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