Saturday, May 09, 2015

Don't Fence Me In

Had some hand-made paper flowers that weren't up to quality to use at the 1/3 scale main set size. So I flashed on how I could duplicate the fence at smaller scale(s) quite quickly and use them on those to help fill in areas of landscape logic when shooting upcoming scenes.

Above you see a portion of the main set foreground fence line, a length of it reduced by 46% or so and another, much smaller to be used on the backdrop to suggest fencing very far away.
 My down and dirty method was to make a scrim of clear packing tape on the backside of the main fence and to sketch the pickets and rails with a black marker. I then scanned the tracing and printed out whatever reduction I could get from the limited-settings on our printer. Cut these out of chipboard, textured, notched out the shapes, folded up the rails for dimension and planted them in small pieces of ground.

Then I chopped up old green fabric knits along with yellow art paper into scale scatter pieces. Applied them to the two new set pieces with matte medium which disappears completely when dry. Planted the less-good flowers on them and started setting up shots to see where they might be used in backgrounds, through windows, that sort of view, when needed.

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