Sunday, May 31, 2015

Halfland's Cat Staff

Thought you might like to see the whole current cat staff. Starting clockwise from upper left; the Bengali-like newbee discovering the sets for the first time. She's a dear and very affectionate, growing half her size again day after day. We love the gold mark at the top of her head.

Next is a rare sighting of the isolated kitty who lives all alone in the studio without any contact due to being totally feral and never taming enough to trust much. She's a lovely lilac-point Tonkanese we got from the canyon we used to live in almost 20 years ago. Her whiskers have grown in better since her brother kitty passed away. He used to chew them off (wtf?). Her coat is healthy. She's doing a great job. She got noticeably less anxious after eating a nutritional supplement that adds in minerals and enzymes to their food.

The all over grey is an extremely large, double-plush coated Chartreux from under the flower pots at a Home Despot about 13 years ago moments before she would have surely died of starvation (she weighed zero on the vet's scale). She hated when we got the cat to her right last year and lost most of her weight down to skin and bones. But this time we introduced the new cat much differently and it seems to have been largely stressless for all. I keep her happy/healthy now by letting her outside in a fenced area out back on sunny afternoons.

Lastly, the feisty Tortoiseshell! Here she is being her normal naughty-naughty self sitting deliberately in the pond set strictly because she knows I get upset she might damage it. (Its protective box was off that day because the new kitten was going after the flying bugs on the party set!)

It's a lot of expense and time to keep the cats as happy and healthy as we can. But boy, do we love having them. They were all rescues but I think they are the ones who rescued us.


  1. Ahhhhhh thank you so much for showing the whole cat family ;-)
    They're a really nice bunch ! But I can imagine you fear for your
    film set sometimes !!! Ha ! a box the protect one thing from one cat,
    realizing you just let the other one have its most loved place back :
    the lovely fitting mold of the pond ... (grin !)

    (we have two birmese cats : in fact they are our daughter's, but her
    apartment is too small with three children, so they are on permanent
    vacation over here. I always have to protect my felted pieces from
    them ..... and a vase of flowers is a no-go too !!! )

    1. yep yep yep, cat hair on felt is a problem. And I can't hardly ever enjoy flowers due to the plant munching Grey one. She goes after the Halfland set grass thinking it's real! oy!

  2. aww, they all look like such sweethearts. i'm just watching an old episode of LA ink with cat stories and a little teary-eyed here, because i'm reminded of all the feline family members that we used to have... they also were all more or less rescues, apart from the ones that were born at home. you are so lucky with these stars in your life. thanks for sharing. :)

    have you ever tried something like homeopathy or bach flower remedies for the cat's anxiety? i've had such amazing results with animals that i just have to ask.

    1. Hi, Sylvï!

      No, I haven't tried them. We can get Bach's here, is there one in particular you've found to be helpful? I'll try it! And take it myself too.

      Guess what. It is very clear now that the new kitty here is a..... MALE! Yay! That explains a whole lot. Like why the dominate females were being so deferential to him! It's like there's a young King Tut over here.

      Take care there!


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