Friday, November 03, 2006

It's A Set Up

Here's a diagram of how I'm currently set up for the cottage set. The two large grey transparent rectangles indicate the two doors on four saw horses that make up the set support. The three white box outlines, A, B, & C, show the three separate "flats" (shown an inch or two apart for this demo) that make up the sections of the cottage support. Numbers 1 through 6 are the wall panels. Panel 1 and panel 6, flanking the tree trunk, will be incorporated into the next phase of tree mache/girth increase, and will no longer be removable. Wall panels 2 through 5 will be removable for INDOOR filming and animating access. Outdoor filming will be 360ยบ when the walls are fully assembled and locked down with "L" brackets.

Butt wait, there's more!
Here's my current plan for animating characters, such as Rana's stand-in here, inside the cottage with tiedowns in the floor. I'll remove whichever wall panel is in my way, slide whichever floor section isn't needed in the shot apart a few inches, slip my hand under (I can reach all the way to the middle of each section from either end.) I won't know how this will all work until I get into doing it but at least I've started thinking about it.

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