Saturday, November 11, 2006

Scene is Set

I've set the stage with all the elements for the 2D illustration animation for the Birds in Hats scene.

Having lots of fun doing it too.


  1. Lookin' good! Are they gonna be able to reach all that stuff? You might want to include another branch to make things more convenient for the little twitters.

  2. Thanks, Mike! Hell-o... they have wings!! But to answer you seriously, in this scene only the mirror and the knit cap with tassels do much. The other hats just sway a little during the scuffle, so, I don't need to show them getting these items from their rack. In their world, when they want to choose one of the styles that are far away, they just flutter to the spot, grab it with their beak and bring it back to the dressing area. There they can flip it onto their wee heads and make sure they look good before going out.

    I've got every prop in this illustration isolated and animate-able. If the clip comes out the way I hope, I've got my METHOD (whew!) for how I will want to storyboard all the Halfland scenes!

    1. Create a character sketch using photo elements.
    2. Render it into an illustration in a pleasing (but quick) way.
    3. Isolate all elements in the scene (quickly).
    4. Illustrate the action with the 2D elements (quickly).
    5. Import the panels into iMovie (or similar) for timing and sound.

  3. Ok gotcha! Must be nice to have wings!


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