Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Answer, the Corbel

Thankful to have the Darkstrider Patrol of Joy Webcam to use *and* I can't wait to photograph how cute this little cottage looks with something that can capture even better light and detail.

Stole a few minutes to craft the little hausey. I tinted the sanded walkway and the face of the house with my favorite thing, diluted arcrylic paint and watercolor. I had my first successful Dremel© experience and carved little wooden corbels to support the porch cover, seen far right, got the webcam up real close, under the roof overhanging slats. I carved groovy grooves and notched the mini shutters, which are about the size of a quarter when put together. The house measures 5" (12.7cm) exactly from floor to peak. Painted the chimney white with rusted iron chimney pots on top.

Next time, the door, hardware; hinge and latch for the shutters, and a little garden.

On the slats seen above right, I may be painting a detail like the one seen here on the lovely historic Culver Hotel in Culver City. I pass by this beautiful building often when I'm out and always love the way the roof overhang is decorated. The only other example of such an ornamented overhead detail I know of are the wonderful painted animals decorating the beams featured in Citizen Kane. (image grabbed off a travel site).

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