Thursday, September 20, 2007


Plastered the timbers and rocks into the little cottage. Glad I did it, it's going to be cute. Added the beginnings of stone edged flower beds and log stairway on the dirt path leading to it up the hill. (Pencil included for scale, Pencil... Writing Mouse. Get it?) Definitely going to paint the roof overhang with designs as shown in previous post. That way, when the camera approaches the house with the Mouse we'll see this great detail. (photo taken webcam on loan from Darkstrider.)

From the character development department
I'm continuing to blend human forms with the creature's animal nature even further. Evidenced by this further sketch for the Yanu Moth Man character. I'm thinking of changing his previously human flesh color to match whatever wing color I choose. Another addition is that his body will be marked with real wing patterns. I always knew Yanu would have a tattoo of some kind because part of him is based on the 5,000 year old ice man, found frozen in the Caucasus mountains was it? They believe he was simply traveling through the mountains as was common in that epoch and was overtaken by severe cold and remained preserved through all the centuries. I remember he had fur and leather straps still on his body and strange bar markings on the back of his legs. Yanu's butterfly wing markings on his skin are not meant to be tattoos, more like naturally occurring insect patterns on his skin. I like the ornamentation for him.


  1. Sorry Ive not been visiting, Im loving Yanus Skin Surgery!, Are all characters in Halfland like this with their Beverly Hills Surgery?

    But seriously I can see it coming together now, The wings and all!

    Im so glad of your Progress on the House cant wait to see his Scrolls!!

  2. Always lovely to have you here, Ben!

    I guess where live does affect our sensibility!

    Can't wait to show you the finished mousey house.


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