Saturday, September 29, 2007

Stand by for Proper Photos

This cottage is coming out so wonderfully that I want to bite the purchase bullet and get a little digi camera to get back to showing the daily progress here. So much has been going on that I've not been able to share.

The eave painting took two tries, but the second attempt really worked. I'll detail what materials made the difference. There have been pea-sized terra cotta flower pots filled with red geraniums to hang outside the successfully-scaled tiny Tudor window. I bought a set of micro lights that I'll be attaching to the cottage interior to make for cozy night time illumination. So heartwarming, that image. Peels of light coming from underneath the front door, with it's handmade moulded glass doorknob! Oh yeah, lots to show!

I've also worked out the shot sequence for the Halfland reveal. We follow the maus up the hilly trail to his house, all the details come into focus as we approach. At the door about to turn the iron key, we notice Rana's giant hand encouraging the mouse to come closer to her. The camera/our POV swings around slowly, uncovering the fact that Rana is not a woman as we assume. As the full composition of the set comes into frame we see from her crouched position that her legs are that of a goat's and that her cottage is dramatically larger than the maus'.

I've also been picturing the Time Frog's micro scene too.

Image story boards, using the sculpts, to follow.


  1. Cant Wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Girl, you already did all that!!!!

  2. Ya-hoo! new photo hardware, looking forward to the pics.

    I love the way you have set up the Rana reveal - very cinematic

  3. Hi Ben! Thanks! Well, I did the cottage bits but the story boards are so far only done in my mind. Will show soon!

    Hi Mark! GOT THE CAMERA TODAY!! Wooo hoo, should be great! My previous Nikon Cool Pix was 2 Mega pixels (but with fantastic natural light quality I thought) This new one, bought on sale, is over 7! I'll sperimant tomorrow!

    Yeaj, the Rana reveal, it's funny, how I thought of that crouched down trick...

    I was driving a couple years ago and saw someone on all fours on the side of the road trying to retrieve something from under the bushes. It occurred to me that the very circumstance of somebody in that position was intriguing on a gut level. We must naturally wonder what they are after. What could be so important? Very good for immediate story/character engagement. Yeah!

    Plus, it seemed an interesting way to reveal her half-animalness, yeah?!

  4. how fun! i'm looking forward to seeing the progress...!

  5. cant wait to see em


  6. Congrats on the new camera Shelley! Love the Rana reveal, and I can't wait to see your tiny eaves!


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