Monday, September 03, 2007

Oh, Joist! Shingle Dingle!

Pictured on the bottom are rough hewn painted shingles mingling in a big pile. Yesterday, I drilled holes in the bottoms of the beams so they would snuggle over the dowel pegs of the wall panel locks to stay in place. I started sawing the redwood lathing strips down to size to attach them to the solid beams. It's really exciting to see the wooden support structure filling in the roof. These'll act as underment for the cedar shingles, a few seen in preview at top. The roof is engineered to come apart in sections for shooting.
I took the absolute thinnest of the shim shingle pieces and cut them down in even more diminutive scale for the Writing Mouse's chalet, painted them a bit darker chocolate, and began gluing them onto the mini cottage roof, porch cover, and gabled dormer window. I hope to finish the entire chalet soon. It won't be fully fleshed out and featured, inside, etc., until subsequent Halfland stories are filmed.

Now we're getting into illegal levels of fun in creating this world. The cottage(s) are looking so storybook adorable and I'm having a blast working on them. The redwood lathing strips were super inexpensive, only 88¢/8' length, and they cut as easily as butter, even with a dull saw. I didn't think it was possible, but I may love Rana's cottage roof even more than I do the tree! It's the perfect texture detail compliment.

I had a new 1/2L. idea as the roofing was coming together. I'm going to show small, tender, roots growing through the joist slats from sod growing ontop of one side of the house, over the kitchen area.


  1. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
    So wonderfully done, I love it all!!!
    Shel, you are the greatest!!!

  2. Oh my!! What wonderful progress you have made! Tiny shingles! Less than an eyelash thick it seems! You are so very devoted and that is the true beauty behind this project! Oh My Yanu is sexy...I read the discussion Fabio yes, that was my first thought too. I like his name.
    I am thrilled to see the cottage and the details of the barrel. Bravo Shelley!!

  3. This is Brilliant Shel. You make me want to Quit Animation because I cant do it as good as you do!

  4. Dear Ben, HILA (above) makes everyone want to give up! HA! That's what's so hilarious about life, what each of us does is completely RELATIVE!! No matter who we are, there is someone who does it much better and someone who can't do it as well. Every. Single. Time.

    When I compare myself to others and want to collapse inside and just give the idea up, I just remember the joy it is to do it my way, whether that ends up being seen as "good" or bad.

    If you must make art, then make it, love making it, live your life.

    Thank you for the burfday wishumups!

    Thank you Hila and Corey! I'll have to sculpt Yanu ASAP so everyone can see he won't look like Fabbio! LOL!

  5. One day I heard a faint meow and didn't see my cat for a while... yup, opened the fridge to find her in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gah!

    You should have taken a picture and sent it to Cute Overload

    I can imagine her full of Icicles Frozen Stiff!!!

    I shouldent laugh...but!

    Lol Lol Lol


    You seriously Made my Day


  6. Now, I want to say, Ben, that my cat was only in there THANKFULLY for a short while!! That's the kind of story that could go horribly pear shaped quickly enough.

    It was funny, a little, after I saw she was no worse for wear, because I was so surprised to see her in there!!!!!!!!!! No icicles, I'm most happy to report!

    I've heard tho that one can put a fly in the freezer and it'll go dormant as if dead or frozen but return to life once brought back to room temperature! I'm NOT suggesting anyone try such a thing! It's just fun to know that happens.

  7. Hey, I've resurrected many a drowned fly too!!! Seriously, pour a pile of salt on it - after a while (it draws the water out) the pile will start to shift slightly and move, then out comes the fly, flicks off any remaining salt particles, and flies off!!! Done it many times. Doesn't work though if they 'drowned' in a sink full of chemical dishwashing detergets or the like.

    Happy Birthday Shelley!!!!

  8. I just wanted to say it here too...
    Love you :)

  9. Awwwww, thanks, Guys! I had a great, relaxing day here at home with my sweetie. We were in a severe heatwave w/o relief, so what'd we do? watched The African Queen! LOL, we felt as though we were in the jungle with Bogie and Heps.

    You did a good job on silo'ing the Writing Mouse, Ben! Thanks!


    from all the riggitys.

  11. Nick H1:10 AM

    You've got a serious case of shingles, in the nicest possible way! Can you make a cottage like that, only much bigger, for me to move into?

    A belated happy birthday!

  12. Thanks, Justin(s)

    Nick H, I would so love to build you a cottage in the woods! You tewtally belong in Halfland!


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