Thursday, September 06, 2007

TashCam 2000

Today (and next Monday) were set aside for my young friend, Tasha to visit and enjoy doing some art for herself. She started a fun project here over two years ago (as seen in lower left corner!) and was every bit as excited still to pick up the project today. When she started this, she looked like a pretty little girl but the young woman who came to visit today is a total knock out! It's a Gigi moment.

She's making a wonderfully creative, model designer house in impeccable, imaginative detail! (A sampling of rooms above) This thing is soooo cute! (I HAVE GOT to hook her up with the masterful model set maker Hila!) She cleverly re-purposes things for the miniature rooms, like a seashell as bathroom sink complete with a flattened grommet drain! Be sure and make out the hand-made red wire coat hanger on the heart-shaped peg in the kid's room, lower right) It's pure delight to watch her "problem solve" to create the things she needs. An old khaki sweater become the second floor's Berber carpet when stapled on a board. Pretty patterned papers become adorable wallpapers when glued on with stickflat glue. She's so into it... her enthusiasm is catching.

IN HALFLANDIAN NEWS: I've continued to work on the Maus Haus, making and adding three ADDITIONAL batches of micro shingles! Yeesh. Planning to plaster the facade and create the garden gate and pathway to the front door in the next few days.


  1. Awww what a cute dols house fit for any of Hilas Creations!

  2. so cute! good work, tasha!

  3. We went to the state fair last week, and I thought of you immediately when I saw this chicken:

    It seemed so ... Halflandish......

    A tall skinny man with a chicken head...... And chicken feet......

  4. Ms. Orange, you got that right! That chicken/rooster fellow is very old soul 1/2Landian! Too bad he didn't have a nice red comb on top, I would use him as the painter chicken model. You did know there was a chicken character, didn't you?!?

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  6. WoW Shel, I love all the wonderful little rooms your talented and inventive (and O so beautiful) friend made - the little RGB beds are so cute :D

  7. Anonymous2:20 AM

    Delightful to peer in and see what you are up to!

  8. Thanks Hila!, it meant a lot to Tash that you saw and dug her stuff!

    Aww thanks, Corey. I love you peering in!


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