Thursday, August 31, 2006


A new carnival across the street started up tonight. It's kind of fun to hear the intermittent rolling shrills of delight. They stop at 11.

We're off to a boffo start on our Halfland Intensive. I had to drive across town for a printing project and decided to swing by Bergamot Station (an uber hip cluster of art galleries and design houses installed in a former railroad station in Santa Monica.) which we've found offers the finest dumpster diving in LA. Himself and I will drive in and head for the gallery bins when time permits and usually come away with useful things for the workshop.

Today it was like Santa heard my wish because the exact thing I was after was there by the truck load. I was hoping to find a few odd 2 x 4's that I could ask Downstairs Clare to rip down to cottage beams on his table saw. But what I found was a mountain of hundreds of already perfectly to scale 3/4" to 1" x 3/4 pine stock in 7' lengths. I looked around for what idiot company left this supply of exactly what I needed on and near the trash dumpsters without plastic or sign telling people to back off. I asked the custodian if they were trash and he confidently indicated they all were. So, I (quickly) helped myself to as much as I thought I'd need for beams and stairs, etc. I'm only slightly sure I didn't steal these.

I also stopped off to treat myself to a little art supply fix and picked up a new Japanese craft clay (Deco Magic Soft Clay*) that I hadn't tested yet. It feels like marshmallow fluff and dries like a soft small-cell Styrofoam. I've used things like it but I can't resist new material. Worst case it'll be perfect for teacup roses and other set landscape florals.

(*Deco Magic Soft Clay was developed over 30 years ago in Japan by Kazuko Miyai. The clay is very light, pliable, and extremely easy to handle, making it perfect for detail work and is available in a variety of colors. The air dried finished items are soft and light to the touch, yet very durable and flexible.)


  1. Dumpster diving rocks, I was trained by the best (Dad) favorite is department store mannequin parts...

    The other day I found a head!

    I'm actually considering making it a life-size fully-armatured Jenny head for close-ups....and then molding it and making latex Jenny masks...'cause I dont have enough to do as it is :)...gotta get me one of them sweatshops...

  2. what wonderful serendipity! you have been blessed. :)

  3. Just do one thing at a time, Jeffery (she pleaded). They're all great ideas because you are a creative person and engaging things continually occur to you. It can feel like riding a tiger, massive, dangerous, and difficult to control. Few make it work for them, hence all the racy fodder for biopics.

    You are truly right, Gretchin. It had one of those Miracle on 42nd Street feels to it for sure (**Santa's eye twinkles**).

    ((Stage Directions R Us?))

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