Monday, August 14, 2006

How Do I Do It?!

I use the Post-It Note System™ (joking) it's not really much of a system, I just use hundreds of Post-Its to collect Halfland ideas as they occur to me. I scrawl them down before they leave my head and then stack the category on my desk. When the pile gets a few going, they'll get sorted into type, what character is it for, is it about the film's look/style, maybe it's a technical note such as the best way for me to record sound effects, etc., and then they're filed in large manila envelopes. Where they wait, in inky darkness, to one day be unleashed like a fury upon my creations.

A few notes from over the weekend:

• • glass window panes cut from 1/8" plexi sheets schmered with clear glass paint.

• • print out carved scroll work in small scale, transfer onto soft wood and carve.

• • make wooden corbels out of slices of moulding the width of the various beams.

• • create black soot marks above the cottage candle's wall sconces.

• • make a full teensy tiny mouse house nestled in the treehouse's roots.

• • put mouse nesting material in the corners of the cottage floor.

• • top with a wave-coursed roof of distressed and stained balsa, or similar, shingles.

• • have some of the small tree roots form balcony railing.

• • add bird's nests to tree branches as well as the larger one inside the cottage.


  1. How often over the years have you pulled all of the postits out and fantasized about today, the wee early phases of Halfland contruction? Congrats on your progress over the last few months :D

    ...great ideas for the cottage too, I like root balcony!

  2. OH! GOOOOD idea to write even the craziest senseless idea! It will come useful later somehow...

    I always write everything down...I got like a 3 second long memory :P If you tell me to do something I'll forget it's scary...(ever seen Memento?...go see it NOW)

  3. It really is invaluable to keep notes in some form. I often run across old sheets of scribbled notes for ideas I had completley forgotten about, that otherwise would have been totally lost. I wonder how many great ideas have been lost becasue no Post-Its were handy at the time?

  4. You're doing just fine, Ale. Haven't seen Momento, you really loved it, eh?

    Welcome to new visitors from Hawai'i, Portugal, Russia, Hudson Bay, Canada, United Arab Emirates, two more added to India, and the first in China.

    Not sure everyone is here for the animation fun but welcome nonetheless.

    If you are here looking for a way to boost your page counts or some unknown nefarious purposes, boy, is this the wrong tree to be barking up at (which unless one is versed in English idioms will make no sense whatsoever.)

  5. Thanks Jeffery, I've sorted a few times, it's getting backed up, time to make it!

  6. Hi Mike, You're so right, I too find thoughts that would have been lost forever, good ones too. I used to use whatever scraps were around before discovering the pleasing uniformity of Post-It's. I started using them to help me juggle multiple graphic jobs in ever altering priority hierarchy taped onto my computer monitor. I would shuffle the tasks like someone rearranging their tiles in a game of Scrabble™.


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