Saturday, August 12, 2006

This Man Does Do Math

Photo of artist Rik Pierce behind one hell of a wonderful Treehouse creation.

I just found friend Ulla's ( post today about amazing dollhouse artist, Rik Pierce ( who makes the most incredible dollhouses I've seen. Dollhouses are one thing, but these are particularly germane to me right now because of how spot on they are for Rana's Halfland cottage creation. And because this man's background includes cartography and life-size, vintage architectural restoration (read: math) his angles dangle properly and his dormer intersects his eyebrows. The photos at his webpages are frustratingly blurry and poor (Ulla grabbed the best, I'd recommend looking there) but the heavy wooden beams of his various cottage ceiling interiors and the integration of house and tree are just about EXACTLY how I'd like mine to end up.

Good timing!


  1. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Shelley! I thought of you as soon as I saw his work, isn't it amazing??? I just pulled out my ol' house, I'll post about soon, but now I feel amaturish compared to Rik's. His houses are so inspiring, and he uses paperclay for almost all of it. Can't wait to see what you gleen out of it. Do you know where he is from? I thought perhaps he was in your neighborhood...

  2. Yes Ulla, it's been totally helpful. I've made several notes and grabbed many reference photos from Rik's and other miniature home sites. His bio page said Rik lives in somewhere in California I'd not heard of, Visalia?

    Yes, I too read that he uses Paperclay! I even looked through enough photos to find one of a castle in process where I could clearly see the mechanical precision wooden understructure of his buildings. Remarkable. Sigh.

    Thanks again for finding this!

  3. Thanks Gina, or should I say, Nanogirl?! Nice to meet you. I saw you titled one of your highly technical mathematical (?) animations (I bet you do cool math!) "Lenticular". It's really nice! How did you know it would make a rose shape? If you can explain that to a count to ten with socks off person.

    I wonder, have you ever created a lenticular optic image before? I am crazy for them and have gotten so far as to find sources for the materials. I saw my main concept for them, using large scale corrugated glass, was done by a artist installation at our local Science Center. Once I saw someone had done it, the heat went off my doing it, you know? It's like I just thought someone should do it, it should be done, and when it was, that was enough. Ooo, it was a good idea though!

  4. That guy must be an arquitect or something...I hate those people :P

    Great for inspiration though...

  5. Ulla rocks! You two could teach a class together??

  6. Thanks, Corey, I've thought of moving to Davis just to be near Ulla's castle! Her creativity is amazing!


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