Tuesday, August 08, 2006

From Inside the House

One of my best friends loves to hang out in Rana's cottage. This is the view from inside. See the open skylight?

At least someone is having something to do with Halfland today!

Action from me coming soon!

Worth pointing out in the meantime, in the last post's comments Jeffery Roche and I went back and forth on the whole "thinking with our hands" technique vs. a more measured method and I thought of a Gehry exhibit I saw last year:

You just reminded me of some 3-D paper sketches by architect Frank Gehry I saw in person last year that looked like nothing more than crumpled paper laying on a backing. I do not mean perfect models made by laborious tedious perfection to scale, no, I precisely mean like crumpled paper. I'm looking for a link to show you.
Found it! http://www.moca.org/museum/exhibitiondetail.php?id=337 This is apparently his initial method of creating buildings.

Then the software people turn the shapes into polygons and voilå, perfect manufactured shapes:

"Gehry began design by building a paper model characterized by irregular, flower-like curves. The design model was then digitized using a Firefly optical digitizing system and the resulting x, y, z coordinates were feed into an IBM RISC/6000 running CATIA. The surfaces were then rationalized in CATIA to achieve repetition without sacrificing form. Using the CATIA database of the rationalized surface models, a physical model was computer milled, compared to the original cardboard model and adjusted where necessary."


  1. Well, its going to be hard to film in there...unless you work Rana's giant cat into the story :)

    Love the pics...now I have to share a couple of mine-

    Nola & The Beast

    Salvie, get that out of your mouth...

  2. Oma Gawd, those are so funny and perfect, Jeffery! High-Larry-Us. Beautiful cat friends you two have. I can't tell you how much I love Nola. She's got something, a quality that makes you love her and laugh. I hope when her fate befalls her, I won't be too sad.

  3. See... this is why I have a dog!! ; )

    They tend not to climb around on tables (most anyway) and they even make you get up and let them out every few hours so you have to stretch your legs.

  4. Your doggie is a great friend tis true but don't deny your inner cat, Mike. Just don't.

  5. I actually prefer dogs, but have been told I can't have one until we own a house and have a yard that is our own...I will call him George and I will love him and pet him and squeeeeeze him...you can't do that with cats, someday I'll show you the scars :)

  6. And...oh yeah.....can Rana's giant cat have a saddle? And ride her around Halfland? :D

  7. Jeffery, you complete wonderful nut. There will be a purty big white rabbit with a saddle in Halfland, funnily enough!

    George will be a marvel. He will romp on that privately owned back lawn. And it will be good. U..U

  8. You have kidnapped, no catnapped, no that doesn't work either. Well lets just say I think my cat is living part time in your house.
    I swear my cat looks exactly like yours, could be twins.

    I am kind of embarrassed to say He is (so original) named "Graybee" but I didn't have anything to do with that.
    I will have to dig up a photo this is just too uncanny.

  9. I believe you Mark, "Cloud" (yeah, our name's REAL clever too) (actually full disclosure: it's "Cloudy Cloud McCloudstein, the amish crime fighter") I'm convinced ours part Chartreux because of her build personality and smiling muffle snorg, even though we found her abandoned at a Home Depot

    Is your guy really funny?

  10. You have an amish crime fighting cat! - you are so lucky :)

    Well our cat kind of just sleeps alot, eats the dogs dog food. There is a younger cat around that provides the all the humor.

    I think Cloud is a good name, and Cloudy Cloud McCloudstein...well that's a classic

  11. Thanks Mark, she has a theme song too, it ends with the line; "she don't wear no buttons."

    Any photos of your lazy bones?

  12. I love the cottage, and what a magnificent feline!

  13. Thanks! I don't know who you are but I LOVE your screen name!! I can tell you are a Hilarious person! A-ha, you're from Dallas!


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