Thursday, August 31, 2006

HALFLAND INTENSIVE: 16 Days of Building & Progress

Bug hair

Well now. Himself is in Europe for three weeks. Ballet teacher away until the 6th. Food is stocked in fridge. Work projects printing, requiring only slight plate spinning.

Beginning this evening, I will be ruthlessly focused on Halfland progress. I want to build the cottage and begin to landscape the set. I want to begin the Tarn sculpt. I want to make Birds in Hat's stand-ins and animate a wee clip of them scuffling.

This opportunity is wonderful and my excitement has reached giddy heights.


  1. Thanks, Corey!! I was watching Mirrormask on dvd on the couch and twirling my hair, as usual, when I thought to make them into Rana (my goat-woman) like horn doo. When I was done they felt and looked more like bug antennae. So I stuck two floppy feathers in the top and called it fabulous. Part of why I adore my husband is that when he came home this hairdo didn't even strike him in the least bit as odd! (for me!)

    Thanks for coming by!!!

  2. Anonymous6:47 PM

    16 days of uninterrupted stopmo development...i'm envious. 8-)

  3. Enjoy the time and make it worth!
    16's a lot. I wouldn't mind some animation tests by the end of the marathon!

    (MirrorMask rocks...crazy stuff galore)

  4. Anonymous9:36 PM

    Oh good. I was just beginning to contemplate saying... "Um, Shells? Daily progress?"

    Best of luck -- and don't forget to temper hopes with... Well, everything always takes longer than one thinks -- right?

    Just keep taking baby steps.

  5. Thanks, Everyone, I will do my best to produce something worthwhile that shows.

  6. Hey cool! I'm just getting ready to end my little "vacation from animation" and get back to the armature production line. Let's rock the stopmo cosmos together, shall we?

    Nice hair by the way.... you know, you're starting to remind me of Wilson, the neighbor on Home Improvement. You know how you can never see the bottom half of his face.....

    We've never seen more than half of yours at one time. ;)

  7. Well, we've rocked the Casbah in '82, rocked the Lobster in '78, why not rock the cosmos right now?!! Right on!!!

    The shareef likes it!!!

    Next month... my chin, promise.

  8. YAY! Lotsa Halfland, go Shelley, go Shelley, go! I myself am particularly excited to see some wee birds in wee hats...


  9. Thanks Jeffery, What I need are the perfect teensey hats that my reader/friend Ulla makes and teaches classes in making. I saw a photo of them posted to her blog "Ullabenulla" recently and was stunned at how great they were.


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