Thursday, January 18, 2007

And yet more NOTES!

A. This wonderful forest image has been processed with a technique calledOrton Imagery and its lovely, milky, diffuse, painterly quality is what I'll be going for throughout the Halfland scenes. I know how to get this look through a series of Photoshop channel operations and blending modes on layers but will have to figure out a way to batch process the frames with a consistent result. In the meantime, I'll be practical lighting and soft filtering to assist that look along while shooting.

B.I imagine the Time Frog character reveal to be in a setting like this. He won't do much moving except the antique clock hands moving around in one of his eyes. He is the source of time itself.

C.I found this great shot at Ulla's blog series on Gypsies this week. It is a raised bed at the back end of a gypsy caravan wagon and precisely what I was envisioning for Rana's bedroom inside the cottage. It's uncanny how spot on this is; the alcove with a window, the high bed. Rana's bedding is even richer and layered with straw and cattail fluff. And her pillow is a fabric cuddling caterpillow.

D.This gorgeous photo of chickens is by Jen Grey. The colors really inspire me for my Painting Chicken supporting character.

E.This door detail is from one of Hila's sets, The Bad Boy Room, and is a great example of the quality wood work detail/feeling in Rana's cottage that I'll be striving for.

F. I'm going pretty storybook with the cottage now, some Tudor detailing, some things less time specific. In all my analysis of how to make a house, I've decided that I can do anything I want with it and it'll be fine. This is a creative process after all.

G. Wattle and Daub, extended bay windows, gabled roof lines, whatever, however I choose. The surrounding fence and greenery shown here hit the mark. Perhaps those shrubs will be where I'll put the Teacup Roses, a rose bush where finely painted porcelain cups and saucers grow.

Take Note: Himself is up to here -..- with the actual, um, inaction in Halfland lately and has determined that this Saturday is to be Halfland Day©, all day, with a post posting of the accomplished Halfland Day©'s work to be made on Sunday afternoon.

He has also just announced the launch of his own new (and first ever) blog, Notes on Notes from Halfland (I'm not even joking.) It's something he's been meaning to do for months, as he has a lot (or at least something?) to say about this project and how I go (or don't go) about getting it done. The man likes progress and knows how to make it happen, in a relaxed way. So there's that we can look forward to as well!?


  1. It didn't survive the compression process very well, but I tried to use a little of the Orton process in the tunnel sequences of "The Great Escape." In the uncompressed version I think it makes that set feel a little dreamier.

    "Notes on Notes on Halfland"... Ha!! I am sooo looking forward to reading this!

  2. OfftheShelf1:25 AM

    How Brilliant, This Halfland sounds fun, I Strongly insist you try it at once!

    -Adapted Quote from the Nightmare Before Christmas.

    An Idea- Mabey you could make Ballroom scene with the Chickens with feather fans, althgough I'm not shure how that would fit into the Story?


  3. Thank you for saying you are interested in Him's new blog, Sven! That really will get Him going!

    And I'm chuffed you thought enough of it too to try the Orton technique out. Definitely a way to take the hard edges of reality into our dreamscapes!

    Ben, I love your re-purposing of a NXM film classic line! It's so encouraging!

    And you really are in the Halfland groove. The feather fans at a chicken dance is completely Halfland!! You got it!

    For this series I'm keeping the script to the outline (link on right in list) so that I can keep things only insane and not clinically insane by adding new ideas.--However--I do plan on making more and more films afterwards--so one never knows! hee! thanks!

  4. Off the Shelf10:59 AM

    Yipee, I'm in the Halfland Groove!

    I diddn't think you could incorporate the Chickens ball in the Film but maybe you could incorporate that idea into an episode. I'm glad you liked the NBC Quote It just popped into my Head.



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