Wednesday, January 24, 2007

smallish task

I didn't understand the value of the "small task" approach Paul mentioned in his post yesterday. I certainly didn't understand how a project such as this could benefit from 5 minutes of work. It seemed nonsensical to me.

But then I caught Mike's enthusiasm for the concept and resolved to give it a try today. All day my hours were eaten up as usual but tonight at 9:30 when we got home from class tired, I announced I was going to do a "small task". Paul was happy to hear that.

I fired up the ol' glue gun, got crumpling up paper to build up the landscape around the cottage, put on the leather gloves and scrunched chicken wire around the tree trunk to fatten it up. To my surprize, it really felt great to make some progress, even small progress, rather than the daily sucking roar of a giant vortex of guilt I generally feel when yet another sun set on my day with nothing done at all.

So, yay. This, along with my new found "my way" approach, is working very well indeed. I'm hopeful for some real advances coming down now.

I've got an early wake up call in the morning and plan to take some time to progress the papier mache on set. Pix maƱana.


  1. bravo, shelley! that's the way to do it!

  2. OffTheShelf9:14 AM

    Small Steps but equaly Brilliant!


  3. Pix Manana - is that something like the Pax Romana?

  4. Nope, more like Vox Humana!

  5. Awesome Herself!

    The other cool thing about Small tasks is they often inspire more than 5 minuets of work....
    you get started and cant stop.

    and ontop of that they often inspire tomorrows work with progress of today.



  6. Oh, man, Justin, you have no idea how right you are in my particular case. The 5 minute/small task approach has indeed got me going for far longer each day, something I would not have done without it.

    I can't see that you would have this problem/challenge as you seem to be a highly organized and self-motivated person (based on how smoothly your animation project is being produced) but I have got to have been, not just a procrastinator, but a World Class Procrastinator.

    So for me this is like a miracle!


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