Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Really Up a Tree

Up in the tree, adding more newsprint and masking tape bulk to the tree's armature.

Today I continued adding branches to the tree, making it even better. I'm really happy with the size and feel of it now. Woo, I just swung around to look at the set and saw the most amazing oblique lighting effect from the setting sun falling across it. I never would have come up with slanting a rose-colored light from that angle and now I'm even more excited to have the set finished and to play with filming it.

I've swept up the bark on the floor, laid down drop cloths all around, and assembled all the serious papier maché goods. I'm ready to fly at this thing at the next opportunity. (I've got a presentation on a new print item this Monday and working on it ahead of Sunday night 11:00 pm might be nice.)

A Small Act tomorrow though...

Thank you for reading.


  1. Ultra cool stuff Herself!

    Your on a roll.....I know what you mean....I go to work all the time....and cant stop thinking about what I want to be working on.

    my wife {shel} said hey....
    and shes liking your stuff!


  2. Thank you very much, Justin. Yep, would so rather be working on the project today, didn't do much on the other job so far, it's a wash out.

    Did you know you Shel and I share a name and a dance background? Hey! back and likewise!

  3. Yeah, I noticed Your {about me}....says you were a young balarina...and I noticed everyone calls you shelly.

    do you still dance?

    Yeah, shel teaches at UCLA...
    and still preforms all over the place.

    Your in LA right?


  4. Yep, native to LA, born at UCLA. Co-winkities, I spell it Shelley and feel a special sisterhood with others with the Shel moniker, doubly so if they dance too! For me it's ballet, "classical dance" as my teacher Stefan Wenta calls it. I take class three times a week (if all is well). I have feeling your Shel is a modern dance teacher and performer?


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