Monday, January 29, 2007

A Crowning Achievement

This is the tree this morning, THE BEFORE PICTURE. After last night's post, I kept feeling that the pretty tree was a bit "squat" and short in proportion to the cottage so I asked Himself for another opinion. (I'd like to tell you that I figured out what to do by myself but, alas, no, it was him again.) I showed him the reference images of trees and cottages I had and we both agreed the tree should be a bit taller for the right effect. I grabbed a saw and started in slicing away where the branches sat on the trunk. It's a good thing I stopped work for the day right then to watch an old movie. In the opening scene of 1930's "Making Whoopie" there was the perfect rustic cottage next to its tree. We froze the tape and compared proportions. That's when I realized what Hims had been suggesting earlier as a way to make the tree taller without butchering it. I didn't get what he meant at first, to add a taller crown up from the middle of the existing trunk, kind of like putting a giant flag pole on a 30 story building rather than trying to add a couple floors in at the 20th.
I worked on it today (all day) and it turned out great. I went to my supply of various twigs collected from wind storms and tree trimmer's trucks, grouped a bunch together, and took a little more care to join the thinner branches to the base by slicing away excess thicknesses of both before joining with hot glue. I'd like to take the After shot in the morning of my now much more complementary duo. This is just to show the papering from last night and the begginings of adding the indoor tree roots. I got very clear today that this isn't a house made out of a tree. Hush! Banish the thought from your mind! No, this, this is clearly a house with a tree growing in it. Got that difference? (There'll be a quiz at some point.)


  1. Damn Shellage! You're really rockin' the treehouse!

    Can't wait to see hoe you extended it - without cutting it? Huh??!??!?

    I'm flabbergasted!

  2. HI Mikee, I didn't/couldn't get the idea either for a long time. Paul kept gesturing upward with his hands, unable to say it with sufficiently accurate words that I could grasp.

    You'll tewtelly see after the next toastie postie tho.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. O, I can't wait for the "AFTER" pic. How exciting.


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