Sunday, January 28, 2007

Good Thing I Like My Hands Gooey

Tonight I used the thick, brown, kraft paper dipped in liquid starch to further paper over the new trunk shape inside the cottage, including incorporating a small wooden cabinet for the kitchen as part of the tree. The thing about using the heavy paper is that the layer, once dry, is far tougher than even 3-4 coats of newspaper/magazine ever could get. Postal paper rules, with more set building bang for the buck.

Tomorrow: Onward to papering the new trunk and landscape on the outside of the cottage. I'm also percolating a way to make the roots rise up from inside the cottage floor, like giant, real trees do when they push up through cement sidewalk tiles. I thought of that tonight, recalling one that Himself and I saw while out walking today. A nice embellishment I think. Me like.

Night. More Pix MaƱana

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