Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Notes--Actual NOTES!

A. I found a way to integrate Tarn, the crow woman's, clothing over her naked human half and the black crow feather half on this (now inverted) image of a embellished sheer gown on a magazine. Her skin will show through the sheer base of the dress and yet be covered where I'd like with laces and feathers that will blend into her feathered crow body.

B. There is a chicken with a human face, painting at an easel, in Rana's yard as we pass by. And now after seeing this REAL chicken, it will also be wearing a knit scarf!

C. The Time Frog, sitting down by the river should wear a snail as a hat, don't you think?! This also is a REAL shot! (Both images found while enjoying a site called

D. After wondering what I wanted to do with Rana's horns, to have them, not to have them, what shape, where on her head, etc. I have decided to follow this ancient Iranian artifact of a goat. It hit the bell finally.

E. Rana's cottage should have the kind of feel that this old engraving does. And I'm digging the halos above their heads and may add a disk unto my Urhu, the sage character.

F. This is a photo of a prized EARLY vintage cinema that I would LOVE to have Halfland scenes shown on one day. Maybe a copy could be made. I will 'speriment when the time comes. One never knows.

Two other ideas came to me for Halfland recently;

One was that when Tarn transforms at the film's climax, her black black wings should transform to white as she rises.

The other was that the Serpent Musician, Urhu, who is more than half snake, should not be like a man in height but should move along the ground as if only one foot high. I got this idea while grocery shopping. I was passed by a tiny little woman, grown small with age, whose head was only as high as the shopping cart handle. It caught my attention that she was perfectly suited in form to her task. And that was enough for me to cut Urhu down to size, or rather to lower his vertical stature.

Having worked well and completing my design assignment for the moment, I'm going d o w n now for a day or two with my time. On the flipside I plan to see you with a schedule/plan for the next few production steps. Knowing that Halfland is a massively huge production, I won't worry about the total time it will require to complete. I'll just take a bite and see what can be done.

Thank you so much for visiting!


  1. ah! that chicken is from cute overload! somehow you've managed to make it look EVEN CUTER!

  2. Anonymous3:12 AM

    hey there.....

    design answers and inspiration can
    be found anywhere right?

    thanks for sharing!


  3. OMG what's with that frog!? xD

  4. I love the two notes on Tarn, especially the way to handle the clothing/skin/feathers transition area. Good luck, looking forward to your progress as always.

  5. Thank you, Everyone!!!

    Ale, I KNOW! What's with the frog with the snail hat?!! You can see why I get Halfland ideas from life. It's already so Halfland like!!

  6. I would say great progress, nice solutions all.
    Time Frog with a snail hat - great symbolism there.

    one step at at time.

  7. Oh My God!!! Mark! I didn't even make that BRILLIAMT connection between the TIME frog and the SNAIL!!! Time seeming so often to move at a snail's pace!!!! It's brilliant I love it!!! Thank you so much for pointing that out!!

    See, this is how this has worked so far. I know when I see something, or even *think* I see something when it falls into Halfland and needs to be there. And then later I slowly discover the subsconcious meaning or symbolic reference it makes.

    Wowie! That was worth having a blog for that one! Thanks!

  8. Yeah, I love when that happens too :)
    And I love Rana's horns!!

    My wife is endlessly saving pics of cute and bizarre animals....Check out this site (if you haven't already).....its always good for a chuckle :D

  9. ooooookay...the link isn't there in the post above....i don't think....not sure what happened too it, lost to the ether :)

    here it is:

  10. I had seen that site, Jeffery, but hadn't been there in ages. The cat with the bagels stuck on all of its the paws is too funny. Why do they put up with all this nonsense!? The little dears.

    If Lady Roche hasn't been addicted to Cute yet, do tip her off to it. I have a growing collection of the cream of the crop there, which is already ready a good culling of the internet crop, of some mind-bending adorableness. You know, I must go there several times each day I'm online. Any little stress or boredom and boom---CO to the resuce! Cute Crack™.

    Take care.

  11. I like the fat one with the overalls on.....puts our Biggie to shame :)

    The CO link is down right now, but I'll definitely let the Lady know about it...

  12. your clever creativity never ceases to amaze me!

  13. I really love seeing how your inspiration flows... The frog and snail is perfect! What a great idea to use a vintage cinema too, would really add loads of atmosphere I bet...

  14. Great Point, Ulla. I think the old flicker and dirt would add perfectly to 1/2Land's atmosphere. you know, you make me think of filming the old cinema frames and then making a "print" of it for showing! Hmmmm.


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