Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year To You!

Cloud helped me with the pine and incense cypress greenery for decorations I was asked to make last weekend. It took a long day to shop downtown, prepare and put the elements together to be installed over the large buffet that would soon be filled with hand-made delicacies by Claudie Botté, the talented French chef hosting the new year's event menu. The second image gives the closest feeling of how pretty it turned out. I bought shiny shiny glass silver balls, embellished twig balls, and wrapped larger Styrofoam balls with layers of ice blue and aqua organza, topped them all with luscious green-blue-ocean, silver, and hazel-green colored ribbons. It doesn't show in the photos but the feeling ended up like being in a winter forest with soft, pretty, traditional style touches, some made out of natural elements. Plain wooden numbers in the center were painted in a matching daiquiri acrylic and highlighted with rub'n buff silver on the chiseled highlights. Matching layers of sheer, voluminous waves of fabric were put on the glass buffet top (not shown) with little lettered signs describing all the incredibly delectable treats served at the mingle for about 150 people after the year-end event that night. It was a fabulous time.

I have made a little stack of great new Halfland notes that have occurred to me over the last few weeks. I plan to sneak some time tomorrow to post them here. I am supposed to be designing a new book cover for Himself, that is due for a catalog in a few days. Whoosh! Hoping to whip it out tomorrow before my down time or at least something that can be used for the catalog's due date that we can improve later.

Not Notes from Halfland but at least you can know that I'm thinking about it.


  1. Off the Shelf Productions11:12 AM

    Those Look Beautiful Shelley!

  2. Thanks, Ben! Happy New year!

  3. wow, shelley! if halfland wasn't your primary calling, you would have made an amazing events planner. that party sound fab!

  4. Thank you, Gretchin! I'm getting better at knowing how much material it takes to create a "read" or impact on a party space. I learned about how to center the decorations in a specific special area after spending WEEKS hand-making paper flowers to hang above a whole garden for Himself's Parents 50th anniversary party several years ago. After all that sweat and 100's of hours, all the flowers I'd made disappeared and were visually swallowed up by the great outdoors! It looked so PITIFUL! That's where I learned to concentrate, as it were.

  5. i have no head for spaces, so i admire those who do. :)


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