Thursday, June 14, 2007

Cottage Say, "Cheese!"

Basecoat of color washes added to cottage inside and out today. Paul found me chilling inside the cottage messy and werking when he came home.

I applied another quart of FlexAll to more branches today, seen above left. I also mixed a batch of sienna/brown/crimson acrylic wash and rubbed it into the entire cottage exterior, then wiped away the excess to expose the depth of texture. This is a base coat in that I plan to add additional washes to increase the dimension of color and to weather the surfaces.

I also mixed up a batch of crimson/yellow base and drenched the entire cottage interior with it. I'm not sure what additional colors I'll add to it in the end but I did know that Rana's cottage interior is almost a feast of monochromania of this rich maroon with sumptuous fabrics and ceramics, relieved only by bits of ochre.

I removed the bay window section's blue making tape over the wooden Tudor timbers. I should really say that I "excavated" the tape. It was a chip chip method getting it out from under all that dried plaster. I found some hidden bare plaster under all that tape in places so I'm hoping my next color wash, over the timbers too, will manage to blend it all together.

Next steps:

1. Remove the rest of the tape from all wall panels.
2. Put next color wash on exterior and interior.
3. Clean off set and set area, start mocking up the surrounding landscape.
4. Finish cementing up the tree branches and trunk.

Woo hoo. How are you doing?


  1. Too Cool Shellsey Shel. Your Cottage is sooo much better than my lil house!!!Green with envy!!!

  2. Hi Ben, You can't be envious yet, not until the film is made and the cottage looks great in it!

    Until then, this is MADNESS! I wouldn't suggest anyone duplicate this idea! Mostly I feel like Richard Dryfus in Close Encounters with extra mashed potatoes around here!

  3. i think that's one of the best title puns i've ever seen. :)

  4. Thanks, gretchiline xoxo


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