Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Prop Preview

Hand-painted, folk-patterned ceramic tiles now further adorn Rana's hearth and stair risers. Here they are temporarily stuck on with Quake wax so I could try out different ideas, later they'll be cemented into the truck itself.

Yesterday and today was all about painting the tiles for the cottage's interior. it took me a long time to get the color and pattern that did the trick. And in another surprise the tiles I painted for the flat surfaces didn't work so now I'll keep that either dirt or hardwood planks.

I also re-shaped the roots, on the right and on the reverse of the trunk, to add more free-standing shapes that I'm loving so much. This was the stage to add in further structure like this. Soon the form will be complete.

While forming the roots, I thought I'd better trot out Rana's stand in puppet and prop in some of her kitchen props onto the masked set to garner what height to place a shelf and other real lifestyle ideas. I have to look way past all the rough edges and lack of fine detail, but I am getting excited to see things could possibly come together soon enough. [click to enlarge image.]


  1. That Cottage looks sooo Beautiful! Fit for an Animated Queen!!!!!

    ...I'm so copying those Tiles! :-)

  2. Rock it, Ben! It's coming together.

    I even figured out how to paint the leaves... silk flower, transparent, spray color, ray!

  3. Sometimes I wonder why you Put soo much effort in when that probobly wont even Show!, especially on a digital or film camera!?! :-(

  4. I think it will show....itll just be taken for granted....

    Your work is really looking excellent! Herself.


  5. I've been thinking along these lines you bring up, Ben and Justin, the question of the details "showing."

    In the end, I will make certain that every detail shows up on camera. It will be in the mood and sense of "place" they provide, if nothing else.

    I can see that films can be made with more cinematic techniques, where there are more illusions made just for a camera in these situations, like two wall flats appearing to be a fully enclosed room, etc.

    I've thought a lot about it and I'm coming to realize that Halfland is more art work than animation, per se. It is Stop Motion animation mind you, but it isn't meant (or rather I won't mean it) to be in the tradition of puppet film as I think of it. In my mind, it's more akin to a 4-dimensional painting, made for my own needs.

    Emphasis on the art rather than on the animation, but the animation is absolutely integral to the art.

  6. I hope to god that you will be able make everything show!

  7. Oh Yeah... it'll all show, I'll be using a high res camera (one that probably hasn't been invented yet at this rate) and some interesting camera angles (through windows and branches) and unusual depth of field foci (strategic rack focuses, perhaps practical and digital, blurs.)

    But hoping to God can't hurt! Thanks, Ben.


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