Sunday, June 24, 2007

Tree Surgery

I wasn't expecting this! I took a scalpel to the tree roots inside to subtract some of the solid bulk to make it a more 3-dimensional formation. I LOVE the change! and the structure is surprisingly strong. The large puppet can still sit on that unsupported root quite securely

I also plastered up the three tree chim-nees and made some earthen clay tiles to scale.

Earlier today I thought the chimneys each belonged to different creatures that live in or around the Answer Tree; Rana got one, the Writing Mouse from way down under in the roots was connected too. The third might belong to whatever being provides the answers to the questions whispered into the tree's hollow ear that the Mouse then writes down on the leaves.

We would never see this wise creature, but I think it's kind of nice to imagine something else living quietly in there. If Rana is wisdom, and the mouse (with human hands by the way!) writes down the answers that slowly grow to emerge on the tree's leaves, perhaps the other creature is "Knowing" itself.


  1. Interestingly enough I imagined someone in the tree passing notes through the Ear!, Although I probobly wont go through with that Idea. I like to think the Tree itself is Wise!

  2. .... and Your Tree certainly is from California with all the Plastic Surgery!! tee hee

  3. Ben, I really love what you said here. I never thought of the tree being wise, that's lovely.

    Hmm, you also got me thinking about notes passing through it, not the ear, but perhaps a mouth?! Hmm.

    About the root job, I know! Los Angeles IS the absolute most bizarre plastic surgery town! Although I've heard Bueno Aires is big on nose jobs too!

  4. That is one seriously cool lookin tree!


  5. Aww thanks Shelley, I considered the idea with someone in the tree behind the ear but decided it wasn't for me, but It would fit into halfland Wonderfully?

    I think you want to make this man visble but if you did you would have them looking through the ear canal?, I think you should stick to the Ear!

    Also a Picture you posted got me thinking about that originaly, It was the Speech bubble one with banners!


  6. Hey Shelley,

    Love the idea of the clay tiles!

    Your asthetic is so originally cool!

    BTW my wife Sarah Beth was a professional ballerina also. I have been wanting to find a place for her to dance since we came to LA. Perhaps you may have a suggestion in Hollywood? You can email me anytime at t(at)trnorton(dot)com. I also wonder if at my age I would be able to try...

  7. T Reid!!! You got me started! I left you a giant email expressly explaining why you and Sarah Beth have no alternative but to come for class! All details there.

    Thank you thank you for coming by here and being so supportive. It really means the world to have talented experts make such kind remarks.

  8. Hi Ben, I'm really getting the speech bubble, ear, messages thing you are talking about. Yes. I see it in my imagination too a bit. Very nice. I'll let that perculate some too!


  9. the trees have ears. like mudduh hEARTH"s personal 3rd ear.

    ((^ knock on wood.

    (^ they are whistling in the breeze.
    the leaves have whispermouths.

    (^ hush forknowledge.

  10. "Mudduh hEARTH" literally! Mmmmmm, hush for knowledge, yes!


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