Saturday, June 09, 2007

Thank you, Everyone

Our most sincere heartfelt thanks to each one of you that took the time to write to let us know about your sympathy and your own experiences with losing pets. It meant so much to get your messages of understanding and comfort. We miss her. The bed seems empty and finding her wire toy kinda plunks a heartstring. We keep getting used to it. A pet is a small matter compared to a human I do realize. It's just that this little experience has schooled us a bit in the closing cycle of life and how being alive is such a precious gift to be relished.

On that note, I can't wait to dive back into HALFLAND work! As I drive around L.A. and see all the houses, I practically drool in excitement to finish constructing the cottage. Back to it tomorrow. Please visit this space again for Action Posts!

Thank you all, again.


  1. Thats Brilliant, is Bosq inspired by Cattalina?

  2. Thanks, Ben. I would say that all my cats inspired th enoring sleeping cat character, Bosq, because my cats all sleep and sleep and sleep so much I feel they should be able to snore!

    Bosq was fashioned after a "marmalade" type of tabby cat, orange stripes instead of greys/browns/and blacks like dear Catalina's. But, I'm sure I used her as a stripe model!

    Take good care


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