Monday, June 18, 2007

Now Sanguine

I came across this ad (storybook theme for a flooring company) that was a pretty exact replica for Rana's cottage interior.

It's got the tudor glass bay window seat, exposed beam ceiling, hand-plastered walls, curved arch-shaped doorways, fireplace with rough-hewn mantle, hardwood floors, etc. I had to buy the magazine to get it in case I couldn't find it again online (I did above). Seeing it gives me more confidence to make my version of it.
Over the weekend I brought out the beautiful fabrics that will be used to make Rana's elaborate clothing. I was surprised to see that the wall colors, already painted, matched exactly--But I mean--exactly. That made me feel so much better.

Today I decided to simply mix a kitchen-sink batch of pomegranate/rose/maroon color to even out the shading and de-emphasize the irregular plaster texture. I feel it worked and I'm perfectly happy to push on now to finish out the interior.


  1. Hey Shel, That Cottage is beautiful like yours but not like mine, mine is a class between cluttered and a mansion thats been squished down.

    Hey Hey I'm back posting too ;-)

  2. Thanks, Ben. Your cottage sounds like it will be a fun and stylized. Neat.

  3. Thanks as ever for your Enthusiasm!

  4. cool cottage happenings!

    the interior looks awesome! How are you gona get acess to it for animation?


  5. UR velcomin, Ben.

    Justin!! All the walls come off as panels in my set house!!!! It looks like one piece when fitted together (as in the photo on the "Color Me Crazy" post) but it all comes apart for animation access from ANY direction. 360ยบ YAY!

    The roof will be made in the same way!!

    The Landscape will be in puzzle pieces too, so I can move forward towards the cottage.

    The sky will move on rollers far behind the set from whichever angle I'm shooting. I just figured out how to JRiggity that!

    So much to diagram.

  6. Ha !




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