Friday, June 15, 2007

This Week's Debri-f

Some of the debris of this project love affair.

It's been a fantastic week here in Halfland! I worked everyday on the project and made real progress, that shows. Today I removed every last bit of blue tape from the plastered walls, even resorting to giant screwdriver and mallet at a few places. Let me tell you these walls are tough as nails! I pounded away for hours all over them and they behaved as if they were rock solid.

I bought four more quarts of Flex-All compound and a special finishing brush today that will allow me to completely cover the rest of the branches, and double coat them in needed places as well as the whole truck and roots. This is so fun.

Tomorrow, when the sun is in the sky so I can see real color, I plan on mixing up some more colors to add to the walls, inside and out.

It's been a great week, thank you so much for all your support. Here's more exciting Halfland developments...

A.) This little frog nestled in a water lily would make a great reveal of the Time Frog when Kyra the mermaid arrives at the cottage's shore!

B.) The is a real satellite image of a large island, with a giant lake in it, with it's own island in the lake, that in turn has it's own lake. (I'm not kidding.) This seems to me to be the sort of topography of Halfland, should that ever need to be further fleshed out, with say... a Halfland map!?!

C.) This image of a young man up in the boughs of a blooming tree reaching down to hand us a blossom (copyright: artist David Meanix) gave me a wonderful addition to the Yanu character action. If Yanu tries to hand Rana a flower while Tarn is unwell, that would nicely foreshadow the Flowering Thoughts that cure her at the movie's end. A swell touch.

D.) This is an underwater shot of beautiful colors with lilypads. This would make a nice way to show that Kyra has traveled to a freshwater stream from the sea we followed her into at the film's start. Thinking of this is a nice "polishing" script development.

E.) This illustration (can't recall where I snagged it, my apologies to the artist) is real close to how I'd like to affect the landscape around the cottage main set. Although, with no lines, body shapes instead, and more naturalistic color.


  1. Wow, fantastic progress - Go shellster

    The tree is looking more awesome every time I see it.

  2. Yeah Ace, The Yanu handing Kyrah a Flower is beautiful, but can he leave the branches, maybe you could have the camera follow the flower as it Falls???

    Maybe too Complex!!

  3. Thanks, Mark!! I'm loving making the tree so much. Today I cut away portions of crooks in a couple branches, subtractive sculpting, to make it look more natural. And--the cement takes paint great! So cool.

    Thanks, Ben!! I love the idea of Kyra getting the flower! That would give her something to do while Rana is tending to Tarn. (Ok, that was the weirdest, most Fantasy Fiction thing I have ever typed!)

    Thanks to you both.

  4. Great stuff - I found you through the water lily reference - but what an interesting project you're working on! I love the map with Lake Within.

  5. Welcome Doug! Glad you stopped in!

  6. it feels great to make progress!!!!!!

    total high!



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