Wednesday, June 06, 2007


(Updated 6/7ish)
"Handcrafted" just popped out when I went to type. I like it. You?

Last question, you've been very kind, waiting while I work this out; "Handcrafted Stop-Motion Animation" or "Handcrafted Animation"? I added smoke too. Almost there.

The first button, I made several weeks ago for the Pink Snail, the middle, shows my attempt tonight at creating type on a curve for it, the last, was last year's button featuring Bosq and the Writing Mouse. (Actual size; 1.5" diameter, a.k.a: smaller than you are viewing here.)

I thought I'd try harder and make some type on a curve for the next Highly-Collectible Halfland Limited-Edition Memorabilia Button. I wanted to get all fancy about it, maybe weave the white chimney smoke through the letters, but all I got was a fussy mess. After taking a lot of time, adding a bleed to the art, and fooling around with it, I think the initial type layout works better. It's stronger and easier to read at the small size. I decided not to add the full blog address to these anymore as (God Bless) Google can lead people here, if they aren't familiar with blogs too much.

Any thoughts on the wording; Independent Animation Series vs. Stop-Motion Animation? Any feedback on these little gems? Anyone who would like one sent to them who hasn't already been put on the private list? eh?

I plan to order 'em next week.

Art is Life Quote*:

"The only gift of learning a technique
is the moment we are able to transcend it." --Eric Pearl

(*This one is for all the animators out there slaving away learning to walk and bounce balls, waiting for their moment when they are able to perform.)


  1. Lookin KEwl Shel, I say put Stop-Motion Animation on it as well as Halfland

  2. Anonymous12:31 PM

    I would say ,"Independent Animation Series"
    and I wouldn't mention Stop-Motion Animation.

    Motion Animation is going to happen.
    Progress does things like that. Letter writing/computers. Look we meet online through blogging.

    Art takes on many forms and styles. Keep doing what you do and trust it is good.
    I like the middle one the best.

  3. Thanks, Ben, I know what you mean.

    Corey! That's some great feedback, thank you! You are right, Halfland is art that will use any and all means it cares in order to express itself. That means digital effects, anything I can think of for its ends.

    Stop-Motion is the main technique, but it won't end there.

    I'll think on the lay out a bit more.

  4. Hey Shel Looking great! I like the middle layout and Agree on Independant animation series. I like the curved lettering..its characterful. The only thing that comes to mind with regard to the horizintal print is it would keep in line with the original pin in the series. So in that i guess perhaps I have not really offered any real input ROFL.

    have a great day and keep up the gfreat work! =)

  5. No, Chris! That really is helpful! I've been thinking the same thing about matching the first pin, etc.

    I'm re-looking at the wording, currently thinking about "Physical Animation" nah, too high-sounding. "Puppet Animation" well, yes, but it will also be digitally created as well.

    For an early print out, I called my Production Company, "Motion Pixel; Multi-Media Digital Animation Art" but that wordy for this situation.

    How about, "Animated Art" wooo, that's got something! as long as it wouldn't be corn-fused with 2D animation cell selling, animation art.



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