Thursday, August 16, 2007


This week I've been designing the interior of Paul's newest co-authored book. For comparison, I randomly opened up my current read, The World I Live In, by Helen Keller (an autobiography published by nyrb classics) to check a margin measure and stumbled upon this spread that took my breath away. (click to enlarge to read text)

The image and the words really say it all for me. The passage reflects perfectly how I'm thinking about Nature, God, Life, and even Death. The only other page of the book I've read is also annotated. I have the feeling every page will be. What kind of inspiring, enlightened creature was this Helen?

Continuing to work on the book tonight and tomorrow. Major Halflanding work resumes Monday! Be well, All!


  1. Wow that verse is beautiful, another Quote...

    "When a tree is burned it releases the same energies that Created it...Warmth, Sun and Water"

    (Cant remember who said that but I can find out if you wish!)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Wow, thanks for the Share!

    Reading those words really gives you a sense of being there, very moving.

  4. Wow, Ben, that quote/idea is equally mind expanding! LOVE it.

    Hi Mark! I can't quite grasp yet how a totally blind and deaf woman can voice ideas with such persuasive, eloquent expression! And such sensitive compelling thoughts. I havn't heard concepts put the way she does.

  5. Thanks, Roger Deakin said that!

  6. Aw Shelley - you broke your camera?

    ~ A fit is a terrible thing to throw, but a camera worse by far.....

    (a new old saying I just made up!)

    Hope it can be fixed or replaced.

  7. I'm sorry I couldn't hear you, Mike, I had my head down crying. Yep, it's too true. I dun broked it deed. It's so sad, it makes a woeful clatter when it tries feebly to focus. And worse, it was all my fault.

    But--the cool thing is that I made a character sketch I'm happy with because I couldn't do my usual progress photos.

    Going to post now.


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