Friday, August 31, 2007

Hub Bub

Update: The plaster hub shown here ultimately failed, not strong enough to withstand use. Have resorted to bold use of hardware instead. Search the blog for "Roof" (upper left corner) for new developments. Thank you for visiting. SN 11/09 Once again, Mike's Unibrain web cam patrol of joy comes to the rescue so I can document today's progress. It takes two to do though. Paul's taking a few semi days-off so was here to hold the webcam while I, back at the computer, took the screen grab. This is the photogenic side of the tree/cottage set. The proportions look just right.
Today I shoved each of the stock roof beams into a face on a small, hexagonal papier mache box at peak. It acts like a hub of a wheel, from which the beams emanate like spokes. It will be prettified with strong papier mache and finished to look like a wood finial with its own finished mini roof, like the topper on a gazebo. It isn't my favorite solution--however, it is indeed necessary to press on without taking a divergence into carpentry in order to craft a perfect compound cut roof peak of glory. It just won't matter in the end whether it's there or not. I'm voting for the film being done instead.

I also stained all the beautiful cedar shingles and beams. I mixed a dilute stain of burnt umber, red and charcoal grey acrylic to get a variety of rich, warm, brick/chocolate tones for the rough hewn wood tiles. Tomorrow, I finish securing the beams, we get a mess of lathing strips to hot glue in place on them. Then it's a shingle mingle fitting each one onto those flat surfaces in proper courses.

Hardwood plank flooring coming soon too.


  1. Ah, got Paul standing in as a tripod, eh? ;)

  2. That roof solution is Cool and Easy I vote Halfland too!

  3. cool solution to the angle math beam thingy.
    Good problem solving!

  4. Anonymous8:18 PM

    I haven't been around the WWWeb much lately. But I can say that every time I sneak a peak in at Halfland your progress is looking absolutely wonderful.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. @Mike: Yupp, I don't even have a tripod for the DSUWCofJ! The El Cheapo model here doesn't jibe.

    @Ben: Yuppers, thanks for the 2nd vote!

    @Mark:Yuppotootles, thanks for not chasting me for bailing on the math! Don't tell your dad!

    @Rich: YupppskineediMcwowerson, thanks so much for the boost. I'm going t git up and go attach me some joists!

    *Dudes, it's so hot here in our place--it's unreal! You know the kind of heat where inside is so hot, it's hotter in your place than every other day of the year was outside?! The kind of heat where there's not a single, even slight, breeze for hours and hours? The kind where you fall asleep and worry you won't wake up? And then wake up after dark, groggy and heavy footed? Yeah, it's like that.

  6. That sounds Terrible, just:

    .Hide In the Freezer with some of your Craft Supplies!

  7. ITS HOT!!!!!!NASTY HOT!!!

    looks good herself!


  8. @Ben, How do you tell if an elephant has been in your refrigerator? Answer: from the footprints in the butter! LOL, that's a chuckle to think of crawling in there with some art supplies! You know I so would!!

    One day I heard a faint meow and didn't see my cat for a while... yup, opened the fridge to find her in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gah!

    @Justin Dude, hang in there! Do you guys have AC? WE DON'T! Just a couple fans blowin' hot air at us. But so far we have 'lectricity and a hot but still working fridge, god bless it!

    The cats seem ok. I have a big, 2' block of hard candle making wax that has slumped over in the cubby hole it was standing in! Yeesh!


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