Saturday, August 11, 2007

NEWS FLASH: Answer Leaves' Opening Title Sequence

This clip from the incredible animation resource BBC Motion Gallery, will give me an informative guide for how I may want to create a "Growing Leaf" sequence of answers emerging on the tree's leaves for Halfland's opening titles.

Now that the green leaves are placed, I'm thinking ahead to how to make the paper answer leaves appear on the tree. This aspect of the tree won't be mentioned until the second Halfland movie that will feature the writing Mouse living among the tree's roots. However, there have been some questions asked of the Answer Tree already and these leaves will be growing the answers out soon.

For the opening titles to Halfland, I'm thinking of making the finished paper leaves and animating the sequence above in reverse by crumpling up the paper into small balls. The color could be painted from green to white as they mature and the writing can be read.


  1. OK, so, having answer leaves grow onto the branches time-lapse-style.....?

    (hm, let me think)

    *THAT*. is. SO. COOOOOL!!

    There are lots of halfie ideas that I truly enjoy and appreciate... That at the same time feel possibly more cerebral than cinematic.

    But THIS image of the leaves growing -- I can see it burning in my mind's eye right now -- and it is a *kickass* visual, yo.


    Doitdoitdoitdoitdoit! :-D

  2. Great I am very happy it all turned out Well, Will you be now working on the Cottage and Garden?, I hope So!

    (The Baby Tree is sitting untouched and is very gelous of Big Trees Bark and Leaves!)

  3. I love it!!!

    Such a great idea! Very cool visual, like Sven I can visualize an answer growing out of the tree.



    This is a Instruction Book for another method for wings I just Found. Different to Forest Rodgers and apparently a new Method without Baking!?!

  5. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Shelley, I'm not completely familiar with your film yet, as I've just started reading your blog, but I think this is a beautiful concept. Reminds me of the lunchbox tree in Return to Oz - I love that part!


  6. yay! Thanks for the ENTHUSIASTIC encouragement, Sven! I was pretty stoked when I thunk up the idee, or connected the idea dots that had been stewing, for this opening title sequence after seeing this BBC clip!

    See, for the first 1/2L. movie, the one in the online outline, I invision the titles being pretty much what you see in the clip, fake time lapse with Answer Tree branches and leaves. BUT-- instead of answers, the titles wit appear on the leaves!!!! [Buds emerge, sprout, and grow into large green leaves that then mature by turning pale as the green writing becomes readable!!!

    Very stoking.

    Hey, Ben, thanks for the wing instructions, I'll go have a look. And yes, I'll be working on the cottage and garden toot-sweet.

    Yay! Thanks Markimarks!

    And hullo to Ms. Sassyboots Spangler! (A talented, creative animator that Sven linked me to and whom I delight in following!)

    I HAVE NOT SEEN Return to OZ!!! Redonkulous! I'll NetFlix it right away and look for the adorable sounding lunchbox tree!

    Cheers All!

  7. Anonymous5:39 AM

    The tree is very beautiful Shelley.
    Also, thank you for the new button, which I recieved some weeks ago. Sorry not to have thanked you sooner.

    Keep going!!!

  8. Wowie-Zows, Phil! Great to have you stop by! It's always a jolt-o-joy to get kudos from those you really admire. I knew you were busy creating the next masterpiece.

    You're sure welcome on the button, thanks for letting me know it made it. It's wild to know those little pouches really travel the world through the mail! (so far I've heard from about half (ha!) the people they were sent to that they had arrived.)

    At this rate, you'll have quite a highly collectible Halfland limited edition button collection before the premiere, eh?

  9. excleent visual INDEED!

    it could really be a powerfull sequence.


  10. Thanks, Justin! I think so too! I've been thinking it out in my head how to do it and After Effects will play heavily in that, so thanks for mentioning that app again!


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