Monday, August 13, 2007

I Went Outside!!

And 'derned if Shel wasn't right! There ARE some oak leaves as big as yer head! I didn't *believe* her but I trusted what she reported was true. Yesterday I saw (ok, I was looking) not one, but two oak trees with g'normous leaves! This one that I stole wasn't even close to the largest!


  1. AWESOME pic!!


  2. Thanks, Justin! Will you tell Shel I said she's right!?

  3. Who's that? English to english translation please!

  4. Anonymous8:03 AM

    The English term "Flippi'n Nora" is almost an abreviation to the Term Flaming Nora. This Term is not a Place or a Person. It is much like saying "Flaming Hell" or "F****** Hell", Obviously I abreviated this Term as it contains Swear Words and this is why the Term "Flippi'n Nora" or "Flaming Nora" comes about. This term is probobly Quite Old and I myself do not know its Orogins!

    -Dr Wright of the English Society
    4 Lingo(Ben in Disguise)

    English Translation:

    Wow that Leaf is Big Big!

  5. Oh! Thank you Dr. Wright! (aka Benben)

    Flippi'n Nora indeed!

  6. Anonymous1:39 PM

    Glad you learned some English Lingo now you can Amuse and Surprise your friends, Their reply will probobly be : What?

    -Ben, I mean Dr. Wright, no I mean Ben!

  7. hi shelley,
    i received your comment into my email and then saw that it was deleted on the blog.
    i just wanted to let you know i appreciate your thoughtful writing. i do agree with what you also were saying. and yes, it should be thought is our health. and of course it's good to choose what works for us as individuals.
    thanks again.
    in health,

  8. Hi Jessica, thanks for letting me know that.

    I dug what I wrote on your blog but after I posted it I thought it too long and ponderous to trespass with on someone else's blog. (I'm learning, Mike!)

    It is a subject I give a great deal of thought to and find myself searching through for some kind of workable approach.

    You do a great deal of humanitarian service in Brazil? I really admire people putting themselves on the line to help others in need.

    (I saved what I wrote earlier for my journal, I'll put it here so no one wonders what the hell I'm going on about.)

    "I look at this type of information [diet and cancer connections article posted on Jessica's blog] frequently as it comes to me, some of it I really, really agree with and some contradicts other logical information.

    Matter of fact, health/environmental information often becomes contradicted in time with each side/opinion being 100% adamant that their info is 100% correct.

    Hmmm, where I am today with it all is... wondering if each and every aspect of one's diet and environment, thought and emotion, were done *perfectly* would they be guaranteed a healthy long life? How much of a guarantee? My conclusion is there'd be no guarantee at all.

    Some healthy habits are gratifying in their own right, and I do them because they work for me, but choosing and acting in order to avoid terrible perils positions me as powerless before I do anything. Does that make sense? I'm trying to describe a personal life approach.

    I get stressed trying to stave off the multitude of dangers in living. All I can control is my enjoyment in each moment.

    Sorry for the long comment, but you got me thinking."

  9. hey shel,

    great pic.

    (you got a little something on your nose there tho).


  10. Hey Shel, yeah, heh, I was green all day!

  11. Anonymous6:12 AM

    Hey Shelley - has PK introduced you to The Wombles yet? They're not only green, but seem to have mastered certain elements of stop-motion decades before Aardman. I was dead impressed.

  12. Hey Robert (one of America's greatest poets imo!)Wombles, don't think so, I'll Google. (Paul left England back in the 70's so that bit of Anglophilia may have gone unnoticed.)

    I bet you see pretty big Oak leaves in Ojai!

  13. Wombles RULE!!!! They are eco-riffic!!! I saw their official site and a bbc cult archive site had their opening titles!

    I wonder if the eco-sweethearts at StartMotion know about this!!

    "The wombles introduced us to recycling before it was trendy by "Making good use of... things that the everyday folk leave behind" - picking up human odds and ends and making all sorts of useful things from it."

    I haven't found any other clips online except on Youtube a rude bloke video'd an epi off the telly and made up his own dialog.

    It looks like great stop motion even degraded!

  14. Anonymous6:04 PM


  15. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Wombles were 70s - maybe Paul remembers? Yes - plenty of oak leaves all over Ojai. But English ones are totally different!

  16. Anonymous11:23 AM

    p.s. I *thought* you'd dig The Wombles. Have had the Wombling Song (opening song) stuck in my head for days.

  17. Um.

    It's a maple leaf. :-)

  18. Dear Ms. Orange, um, doh, thanks! Maple, eh?

    I'm actually glad to learn that as the trunk texture didn't match!



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